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Idea Night at the Ath: We want to show you off

March 9, 2010

Abhi Nemani
Idea Night at the Ath: We want to show you off

What do you get when you cross a thesis defense with a start-up pitch? The CMC Forum is proud to present Idea Night at the Ath on March 25, 2010. Students are invited to submit papers, projects, or original research for the enjoyment of the CMC community below. Participants and their topics will be selected by a committee of student representatives for uniqueness, interest, and quality. We are looking for interesting arguments on any topic -- politics, culture, CMC, etc -- and although the content will vary greatly, the form will remain constant: each participant will have 10 minutes, a projector, and a podium.

Presentation skills will be valued equally alongside content. At the end of the event, the audience will be asked to rank the speakers on their interest and persuasiveness, and while everyone will get a token of our appreciation, the winner will get a special prize: Ath VIP Status, including a head table spot at Mitt Romney and your name on the wall. More details regarding the prizes to come.

To get you thinking, here are some ideas (although not necessarily good ones) from our own Carl Peaslee: "Will NASCAR be the sport of the future?" "Who is the bigger nuclear threat, Iran or North Korea?" "Is Ford a better investment than Toyota?" "What does Twilight have to do with the recession?" "How is Star Wars the perfect metaphor for the Obama administration?"

Enter to present your idea using the form below, and be sure to sign up at the Ath for the dinner. Check out who else is going and invite your friends on facebook.

P.S. Everyone who steps up and applies will get a (very CMC) surprise gift.

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