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Give Thanks, CMC

November 19, 2010

Brian Hoffstein
Give Thanks, CMC

It's mid-November and the vibes at CMC have begun to change.  The weather is not always conducive to visiting the Scripps pool. Dining hall food has begun to taste like hospital food.  And our professors remind us every day what the definition of academic rigor is. These trends of discontentment make the few days of Thanksgiving break seem even sweeter. Before departing for home, it's important to consider what this holiday is really about: expressing gratitude and experiencing the revitalizing power of doing so. Thanksgiving is glorious, in this sense; it allows us to look beyond the negatives and appreciate the good in our lives.

With this in mind, let's pause our dreams of the feasting that awaits us next week.  Let's give thanks to our much-loved school.

I have compiled a brief list of things I am grateful for at CMC.  You are all encouraged to add to this list as it is undoubtedly incomplete. Here is what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving:

I am thankful that the grass is always green.

I am thankful that when I walk into my room, I'm blown away by how clean it is (thanks Sylvia).

I am thankful that my professors know my name and are always free to chat.

I am thankful that my diploma's value is going to continue to appreciate.

I am thankful that I can drunkenly roam the campus without worrying about serious trouble (well, with the law, anyway).

I am thankful that Harry Potter tickets were subsidized by the school.

I am thankful for classes at CGU (check the portal, yo).

I am thankful that we are perfectly situated: if we so desired, we could go to the beach, go skiing, and go to Vegas... in the same day.

I am thankful for Scrippsies.

I am thankful that if I ever need a pick me up in the middle of the day, rice crispy treats and coffee await me at the Ath...for free.

I am thankful that the hill on Green Beach is perfectly formed for a slip ‘n slide.

I am thankful that Elizabeth Morgan, Jeff Huang, and Diana Seder are absolutely amazing at what they do.

I am thankful that Dora helps me work on my manners every time I see her.

I am thankful for the Motley’s chocolate bars.

I am thankful that Mudders build stuff…because it’s cool.

I am thankful Frary is open till 8.

I am thankful Story House will bunk my bed, fix my blinds, and charge me the most obscure fees ($47.27 for wall damages…what?).

I am thankful that Sasi Desai came all the way from India to be one of my classmates.

I am thankful that Brock Blomberg writes the most succinct emails known to man.

I am thankful for Camp Sec… More specifically, I am thankful for Officer Dennis.

I am thankful for the Back Abbey and late night walks home from Kinya and The Press.

I am thankful for the athletic department’s MEDCO water bottles.

I am thankful for the feeling after finishing an all-nighter in Poppa.

I am thankful for the daily conversations with my peers that keep me on my toes.

I am thankful for Tuesday Night ‘Ruit.

I am thankful for the standard of excellence this schools asks of me.

I am thankful for the challenges that make me feel alive, and help me to learn, grow, and progress.

I am thankful to be at this little utopia that no one knows about besides us.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

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