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Get Cultured at the Pomona Art Walk

December 3, 2010

Alex Mitchell
Get Cultured at the Pomona Art Walk

They say we live in a bubble of trees and PhDs. We do. It's a small, opaque painted bubble that retires at nine and tickets you for parking on the street at night. Claremont City Council calls it beautification. I call it $105 their greedy asses will never get from me. If you've been in Claremont long enough, you know it can become suffocating. How many times can you eat at the same restaurants with the same upper class, mid-forty year-old couples? Not to mention the dogs. If I see another poodle in the village I'm going to drop kick it off a bridge like Jack Black did Baxter. Sometimes I need to escape, and LA is a larger debacle than I'm often willing to deal with. So I go to Pomona.

What does Pomona have to offer besides bomb Mexican joints and the Glass House (who wants to see Passion Pit with me Saturday)? The Second and Last Saturday Art Walks. Downtown Pomona morphs into a bustling art zone, with welcoming galleries situated around a central square of vendors and live music. The city comes alive. DJs are stationed near the galleries, so tunes are pumping while an array of folks peruse art of various mediums.

If you think Second or Last Saturday might interfere with your plans to get black-out drunk at a cleverly themed CMC party, don't fret: the art events start at 6pm and end before the CMC festivities get bumping. I went with my mentee Daniel last time - he's the suave one chillin' in some of the pics below. But you could take, you know, a girl you like. Or a boy. The Art Walk is a prime date spot with plenty of dark spots to sneak in some necking, frisking, whatever you kids call it these days.

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