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Forum Begins Summer Coverage

May 14, 2010

Carl Peaslee and Michael Wilner
Forum Begins Summer Coverage

The year is pretty much over. Finals are done. People are moving out. Graduation tents are going up.  Seniors are getting all nostalgic. And the Forum has begun its summer coverage.

We have had a great time these last two months keeping you guys informed, entertained, and debating. Meanwhile, you've helped us set new traffic records. Because of you all, the Forum is, without a doubt, the most trafficked campus news source. And we are pleased to inform you that our coverage won't stop just because the school year has ended. Expect content to continue throughout the summer months from our staff, which has grown to over fifty enthusiastic members.

We know a lot of you are going to be looking for things to do at your internships between 9am and when the coffee kicks in, so stop by the Forum once in a while. Expect updates from the intern desk, our foreign correspondents, and maybe some news from those Board of Trustees retreats.

Finally, we are excited to announce plans to redesign We're excited about the process, and you should be too. As we move forward, we would love to hear your comments and criticisms of the site. Do us a favor and fill out the form below. What is your ideal Forum?

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