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Digital Dopamine

November 22, 2010

Jimmi Carney
Digital Dopamine

Come one, come all. Forget your worries, midterms, theses and other such trifles. Lose your cares in these euphoria-inducing jams. Marathon-Tennis

Husband and wife duo Tennis take us back to an era where all-white ensembles and  buzzing female doo-wop were the rule, not the exception. The strains of an ethereal Wurlitzer organ and the haunting, indecipherable coos of singer Alaine Moore Strap make this song hypnotic.  You'll be blissfully awash in the fuzzy-go-lucky melody and cryptic lyrics.  Strap in, gun it to 88,  and prepare for a blast to the past with this tune.

Piper's Song(Aeroplane remix)-Gypsy and the Cat

Sun. Stereo. Sip. Repeat. Any questions?

Saegloplur(Enigma remix)-Sigur Rós

The transcendent gobbledygook of Icelandic wraith-rockers  Sigur Rós (Victory Rose) is what we would imagine heaven's electrohouse music sounds like.  Dropping a thudding dubstep on the twinkletoed original, "Saegloplur" could be the lovechild of Enya and Bassnectar: half soothing goodness, half break-beat head-swinger. A refreshing sound for when the late fall sunlight begins creeping through the blinds.

Super Mario Flow- Eddy B and Tim Guntner

A 16-bit ode to the those video games that defined many a childhood, "Super Mario Flow" takes everything you grew up with and makes it even awesomer. North Carolina's MC Eddy B. drops line after cheeky line on Bowser, Koopa troopers, Quidditch, and god-knows-what-else as Tim G.'s brassy beat keeps the pulse pumping. You'll be seeing 1-up mushrooms in your dreams.

Good For Great- Matt & Kim

Thesis got you in the doldrums? Monday the 29th, take your bottle of Andre and blow out your speakers to this song. An anthemic, full-throated sing-along specifically written for such moments of sheer gratification, the infectious tunes of "Good For Great" will bring a smile to the lips of even the most jaded Debbie Downers.

Disclaimer: we are not at fault if the song compels you to start tearing up your notebook and throwing the pages in the trees.


Mean Planes and Taylor Gangs(Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Swift)-Brenton Duvall

Yes, we've already posted a Brenton Duvall song...yes, it's kind of cheating to do it again-- but listen to it. Goddammit.

That's all for now folks. Come back for the next installment, and be sure to comment with your favorite new jams.

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