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Claremont's Best Bites

April 28, 2010

Katarina Broeksmit
Claremont's Best Bites

Besides otherworldly wit and arbitrary quotes, does this "Katarina" lady have anything to offer? For one, I have spent this year accumulating and refining my impressive knowledge of local eateries. It's time to spread the gospel.

Some Crust Bakery: My relationship with Some Crust is a tricky one. For brevity’s sake, there’s a lady there who would like nothing more than to see me hanging from a flagpole by my notably dorky undies. I won’t name any names...but her name is Deborah and I suspect no one calls her Debbie for short.

What to get: Sliders in the morning, sliders in the evening, sliders at suppertime. Those who matter have called sliders “nature’s most nearly perfect food.”

Tantalizing description: A slider is a delicious, pocket-sized sandwich (on which you can add anything down to pigs’ feet) comprised of a poached egg  and a choice of bread--Some Crust’s real achievement. Their bread is certainly the best on this side of the Mississippi. Egg+condiments+fillings=Some Crust scores big.

Additional Comments: Chipotle Ranch. Hats off to the chef. I have tried to secure the secret recipe for my own recreational uses but have been thwarted by Debbie, a strange crusader against my happiness.

Full of Life: Full of Life will always have a special place in my heart. Going there means the added perk of not having to talk to my friends--opting instead to catch up with my kind: the wacky celebrities of tabloid magazines.

What to get: a customized version of # 24 (everything’s better customized). A fool’s 24 is a turkey sandwich on a roll with chipotle mayonnaise, provolone cheese, and a side salad. But where this sandwich goes wrong is the roll. Ask instead for a 24 on walnut whole wheat bread. You won’t look back.

Additional Comments: Does the salad dressing make anyone else’s left eye squint involuntarily? Just sayin'…

Dr. Grubbs (or should I say, Dr. Mobfront): First and foremost, Dr. Grubbs is never open when I want it to be. This leads me to the only possible conclusion: the doctor has a secret (and a vanity plate).

What to get: Protein: blackened salmon, Sauce: sundried tomato pesto (beware of the guaranteed flower-killing breath), Side: spring salad.

Additional Comments: I wish the jolly man that takes my order could be a member of my extended family. “How are you today?” he asks, genuinely interested. “Good thanks, and you?” I smile the smile that I usually reserve for a Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit marathon on USA.

“If I were any better I’d be on vacation.”

(high fives all around)

Heroes & Legends Bar & Grill: Allow me to set the scene: it is a warm Easter’s day and Dana Staley and I have just (unwittingly) survived the infamous earthquake of 2010.  We were hungry for some Village grub and restaurant closings for Easter Sunday were seriously cramping our style. Alas, a beacon of hope appeared! Heroes, as we have come to affectionately call it, was open for business.

What to get: Nachos. The waitress told us that we wouldn’t be able to get through a full order of these puppies.  We had serious doubts but fell victim to potential embarrassment and agreed that we would split a half portion. Man, when she’s right she’s right. They were gigantic.

Additional Comments: We were not welcome there. There was a ripe Get Outta Here DogFace vibe that day as local softball leagues gathered to celebrate their victories and ceremoniously pulverize peanut shells. We, however, remained unfazed and will definitely be back to Heroes for more.

Photo credit: Kayla Benker '13

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