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Carl's Jr. is Better Than In-n-Out. Period.

March 30, 2010

Mike Whatley
Carl's Jr. is Better Than In-n-Out. Period.

We all know that In-n-Out has legendary status, especially in Claremont.  Within my first two hours ever on CMC’s campus during a high school visit, my hosts had already taken me to the one on Foothill.  In-n-Out is obviously good.  However, Carl’s Jr. is better.  Much better.  I realize that this statement touches a deadly third rail of life in Claremont, but before you dismiss it or come looking for me to yell at (good luck with that….) hear me out.

The quality of Carl’s burgers is better. Carl’s “Six Dollar Burger” (their standard burger) is tender and has great flavor because of its significant precooking seasoning.  It is cooked to the right temperature and never burnt—unusual for a fast food burger.  Additionally, it is significantly bigger than In-n-Out’s burger, so you are never left hungry afterwards.  Sure, In-n-Out’s burger is tender and has some flavor, but if you were to eat just the burger patty (hypothetically) from Carl’s and In-n-Out, Carl’s would leave In-n-Out in the dust because it simply has more taste, and the temperature of In-n-Out’s burgers is sometimes hit or miss.

Carl’s has variety on their burger menu. When you get a burger at In-n-Out it is almost always the same.  Sure you can get a Double-Double instead of a regular burger or if you know about the secret menu you can get grilled onions, but that is about it.  Carl’s has real variety.  Just a few of the toppings on their various burgers: guacamole, jalapeños, Portobello mushrooms, bacon, and barbeque sauce.  The list could go on for awhile.  Also, Carl’s frequently has special new burgers that are for a limited time.  You will never suffer from a lack of combinations and variety for your burger at Carl’s.

The quality of fries at Carl’s is greater. At In-n-Out the fries are usually small and fairly soggy (getting them animal style is a different story granted).  The fries at Carl’s are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside (the way fries are supposed to be) and properly salted (not a salt mine like McDonald’s).  Carl’s is also very generous in their portions of fries.

Carl’s has excellent milkshakes. The milkshakes at In-n-Out are okay, but don’t taste significantly different than a typical fast food milkshake.  Try an Oreo milkshake at Carl’s.  Actual ice cream and Oreos blended together while you wait with whip cream and a cherry on top is an amazing way to cool down on a ridiculously hot day (even if it’s about as good for you as eating pure sugar and whip cream).  The ice cream is high quality like you might expect at an ice cream shop instead of a fast food restaurant.  There are also several varieties that rotate seasonally.

Carl’s has food besides burgers. Try going to In-n-Out with your friends if you don’t feel like a burger.  Good luck.  Try going to Carl’s if you don’t want a burger, and you may take ten minutes to figure out what you want.  Many Carl’s (including the one in Upland) have a Green Burrito inside of them, which is a Tex-Mex restaurant inside of the Carl’s (you order at the same counter/window).  You can order Green Burrito quesadillas, burritos, nachos, and much more.  The food is better than both Taco Bell and the beloved Del Taco.  Don’t feel like burgers or Tex-Mex?  Try one of their chicken sandwiches or salads.  Carl’s even offers breakfast.  Unlike Jack in the Box which offers everything from Terraki Chicken to mozzarella sticks to tacos, the different varieties of food at Carl’s are actually pretty good.  You can go there many times and never run out of new food to try and will rarely be disappointed.

Carl’s has better hours. Hungry at 2:01 am after everything on campus, In-n-Out, and even Taco Bell is closed?  No problem, go to the Carl’s at the edge of Pomona on Foothill.  Open 24/7, no problem.

Carl’s is more efficient. In-n-Out can be extremely slow.  After Wednesday night bowling, you are very hungry and waiting 30 minutes for a burger can be miserable.  Go to Carl’s instead, their drive thru is much more efficient and rarely takes more than 5 minutes.

Still not convinced?  Feel free to comment away about why I am wrong and evil for not loving In-n-Out more.  But don’t knock Carl’s unless you have actually tried it.

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