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Candidates for DAC, SAC, and SLC, 2010-2011

March 1, 2010

The Forum
Candidates for DAC, SAC, and SLC, 2010-2011

Aside from President and Vice President, three ASCMC positions are elected by the full student body: Dorm Affairs Chair (DAC), Social Activities Chair (SAC), and Social Life Chair (SLC). Each chair is tasked with improving a different, though sometimes overlapping area of college life (for more, see this unofficial but comprehensive primer). Two candidates are running for each of the positions, and their statements are below, listed alphabetically by last name and organized by position. A full list of candidates is available on our election page, where the title of each position is linked to a page with the statements from the candidates.


Nico Brancolini, CMC '11
Hey everyone. My name is Nico Brancolini. I am a junior from Bloomington, Indiana. I transferred to CMC my sophomore year from the GWU in Washington D.C. I would love to be the Dorm Affairs Chair. I have been a Dorm President every semester I have been here. In that capacity I have helped plan a number of TNCs and larger events like last year’s Masquerade Party and the Haunted House. I am organized, efficient and meticulous—all traits I see as essential to this position. If elected I would focus on more inter-dorm events—campus-wide capture the flag tournaments and Beer Olympics— and try to bring back some more traditional parties like the infamous Jello-Wrestling Party. I would also try to breathe new life into TNCs. Instead of the standard themes I would use ones like a “Seven Deadly Sins” party, a “Gatsby Party,” with a roaring 20s theme or an “Around the World Party” where dorm rooms would be serving the national beverage of various countries. I would be happy to hear campus-wide input for these and other events and would do everything in my power to provide an exciting and varied collegiate experience.

Alexander Reichert, CMC '11
Complacency - Smug satisfaction with the status quo. As a Junior I have used my three years here to take advantage of all that CMC has to offer; from the social scene to the reading room I have embraced the motto of “Work Hard, Play Hard” to the absolute fullest. I love this place for what it is, yet I would like the opportunity to make it that much better. I fear that we have reached a level of complacency in our social scene and as your DAC I will work to break from the status quo. It is a problem that TNC’s can only be distinguished by the quad they are thrown in. It is also a problem that we say we take advantage of this great consortium’s benefits, yet at the same time have walled ourselves out of the 5C’s social scene spotlight. But most importantly, we cannot let the opinions and wishes of the silent majority at this school to continue to be drowned out by the highly vocal minority. A DAC must be able to hold events that do not solely focus around drinking but are enjoyable for all, such as regular comedy shows on Friday nights or local musicians playing sets on Sunday afternoons. It is time we demanded more creativity, more memorable events, and more locations (like this weekend’s Wedding Party). Let’s work together to enhance the level of parties here on this campus, bring back our social scene superiority at the 5Cs, and get away from an exclusively alcohol centric mentality. My drive and ideas, coupled with your critiques and input, will make for truly wonderful year.


Matt Richardson, CMC '12
Dearest CMCers,Apparently when Will Farrell attended USC he flooded his frat house, and transformed it into a battleground for mock Viking warfare. Legendary. While I don’t see this party theme going over very well with Mr. Nauls (ehh, I’ll look into it) – I do intend on introducing some fresh and legendary party themes to both CMC and the 5C’s that we can certainly talk about for years to come. Here’s just one look at the kind of creative and unique event I’ve already come up with, and intend on pursuing if elected…Smiley 90’s: A one-up of Pomona’s acclaimed Smiley 80’s party. Since we all wistfully reminisce over our beloved 90’s one-hit-wonders, let’s spend a sunny day on Green Beach listening to these gems, then cap the night with a performance by a big time 90’s band, like Sugar Ray or Third Eye Blind (for whom I’ve already begun speaking with a booking agent about availability)Due to limited space in this column you will have to attend election speeches Tuesday at snack to hear about some other ideas, such as: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Pardi Gras, and the Sagehen Mobile Bash.Experience As president of Wohlford, I have volunteered to organize, set up, and DJ, 3 of the last 5 TNC’s; I have also developed experience in event management over the last two years by helping set up various other parties/events. I am creative, driven, and love to foster a good time. I’ve got plenty of fresh ideas that I would love to filter into the position of SAC, and believe I have proven myself capable of handling the responsibilities of student activities in a larger arena.P.S. I promise to get you a new and improved Party Inform by Wednesday afternoon at the latest… so all you TNC thrift shoppers, can do your thing.Much Love, Matty Rich

Seth Winterroth, CMC '12
I love the parties we throw at CMC: the Pirate Party on Green beach, gettin’ my B&G on in Claremont Hall, or even watching friendships momentarily dissolve during a rowdy game of flunky ball. I am committed to making the parties we love bigger and better, appeasing the school wide appetite for “beats,” and creating fresh ways to promote the latter half of our CMC credo: “work hard, play hard.” But, with this commitment comes a desire to reestablish the intended duties of the SAC position. As long as I have been at CMC the SAC position has been defined by the duty to throw parties. Recognized almost exclusively as the “party inform guy,” the position itself has developed a singular focus, based on “ragers” that monopolize the majority of the budget. While I love our parties, like many others on our campus, I appreciate complimenting my nights with the Captain with sunny fun in Santa Monica or Glass House concerts in Pomona. At CMC we are well-rounded individuals and our social interactions can and should consist of more than they do presently. I will work with the Dean of Students office to sponsor off campus trips to places other than the farmers market, bring in a wide variety of musical performers (some Kid Cudi, Vampire Weekend, The Avett Brothers, Andes mountain flutes anyone?), and collaborate with the other 5Cs to break down barriers through memorable social interaction.With the help of the CMC Forum I will establish a system of surveys that puts the power in your hands. My term as SAC will be a democratic one, and you will define my role. I am committed to putting in the effort to create events that contradict the CMC social stigmas, embrace the entirety of our student body, all while holding true to what CMC does best. Bottom line, I am going to improve our party lifestyle and fuse it with an influx of diverse social engagements, making my term one you will remember.


Grace Cowan, CMC '11
If elected, my main focus would be to expand the selection of alternatives and to improve the ones we already have, like Hub Quiz. The main role of the Student Life Council Chair (SLC Chair) is to provide alternatives to the parties. I want to have more options for the student body including food (maybe even a food fight), movies (like a midnight showing of Iron Man 2), and any other ideas that the students would find entertaining.

Hannah Gordon, CMC '12
Hey fellow CMCers! I’m Hannah. I am running for SLC (that’s the dry event committee chair, just an fyi). I’m having a great time at CMC this semester and now I want to give back to the student community. I think ASCMC is a great opportunity to get involved and meet really cool people.As SLC chair I would be in charge of awesome events like Hub Quiz, movie nights, cookie decorating etc. Now that it’s getting toward the end of the year, I think it is time to branch out and spice things up a little. Lets get everyone out of their bubble of friends to exciting, and potentially embarrassing, events like Karaoke, taboo competitions, and ping pong tournaments.Looking forward to seeing you at the speeches on Tuesday!

Editor’s Note: Because the ASCMC Constitution forbids candidates from online campaigning and the authors of comments cannot be exactly identified, we have disallowed commenting on this and all other election-related posts.

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