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Candidates for ASCMC President and VP, 2010-2011

February 28, 2010

The Forum
Candidates for ASCMC President and VP, 2010-2011

On Wednesday, March 3, 2010, we are holding elections. At Spring Break, the term for the current executive board will end, and a new team of students will take over ASCMC. Who those students are is up to you. Each position -- class presidents, dorm activities chair, social activities chair, social life chair, vice president, and president -- is up for grabs, and there are over a dozen students running. To complement the speech each candidate will give at Snack on Tuesday, the Forum has asked them for a short statement to help you prepare for this important decision. A full list of candidates is available on our election page, where the title of each position is linked to a page with the statements from the candidates. All the statements will be published over the next few days, starting with those from the candidates for president and vice president below, listed alphabetically by last name.


Charles Johnson, CMC '11
What is the purpose of ASCMC?I believe that ASCMC should be about solving problems.And in that charge, ASCMC has not been at its best. Or rather, it has not been as good as it could – or should be. It has spent our money without concern as to its best effects, taking care to maximize the value – and fun – of every dollar. And many of us complain about that attitude that spends wastefully, but what have we done to change it? Ask yourself: Should this be a popularity contest for $240,000 and free room and board?I don’t think so. I have limited space here, but I’ve written up a platform on my ideas – a platform that you weren’t going to see because of an arbitrary reading of an ASCMC rule that I overturned. There I have made promises that none of the other candidates have made and I intend to keep all of them. Here are a few.Transparency: ASCMC appoints many positions – such as curriculum committee, academic affairs, board of trustees’ liaisons, among others. I propose that we hold elections for position, rather than the commonplace appointment of friends. For those spots we cannot hold an election , we will put the applicants application online so that everyone knows who is going to do what and hold them accountable. Every dime will go online and every meeting will be open to the public.Better Parking at CMC: I pledge to you that I will not rest until every CMCer has the right to bring a car to campus. It was shameful that ASCMC was silent when freshmen couldn’t bring their cars. Scripps’s two lots to our north has more than 200 spaces free and I have sent a letter to Scripps’s administration to get the ball rolling on how we could purchase parking in that lot. Giving You Back What’s Yours: If elected, I’ll turn down the room and board, and the president’s special slush fund, and give it back to you to be spent on parties or rebated back to you so that you can buy booze or give to your favorite club. It’s your money to spent, not mine to take.Let’s change it for the better. Let’s make this election about ideas, rather than the popularity.

Benjamin Kraus, CMC '11
Dear CMCers,By itself CMC is a wonderful place, but together we can make it better.I decided to run for ASCMC president because I want to apply my determination to creating and implementing the big ideas we all have for this school.On the student life front, I have secured flat screen HD TVs for the hub, and a 14-meal plan for next year. I have also been working with a few other members of ASCMC and Jeremy Whaley to get satellite TV in dorm rooms.On the social front, I was one of the two main organizers for the wedding party, and I planned the Mike Posner concert. I also spear headed 6:01 this year and helped throw the 24-hour party last year. Partying on campus is awesome, but I would like to make it easier to party off campus as well. Think about two whole buses going to Coachella.While making sure people have a good time is important, ASCMC needs to do more. One of my goals would be to make it easier to study at CMC. I have fought hard to get better hours and bigger tables in the reading room, and white boards in the lounges. I see great value in facilitating the real reason why we are all here. Whether it’s buying coffee or providing earplugs, ASCMC should be there to make studying painless.That being said, my ideas don’t matter that much. There are only two things regarding my potential presidency that I can say with one hundred percent certainty. First, if you tell me your ideas I will listen (seriously, Second, I will try my hardest to get your ideas accomplished, and while I don’t want to make any promises, I think I have a good record of getting things done.Respectfully Submitted, Ben

Tammy Phan, CMC '11
Simply put, I love CMC. I love the weather, birthday pondings, our professors, and seeing John Faranda at TNC. But there are also a lot of things that need work. On Tuesday, you’ll be asked to vote for one of three people who all have some things to change about CMC. But this election shouldn’t be just about what can be changed. It’s about making the most of the time that we have here. It’s about keeping CMC, well, CMC. It’s about bonding during W.O.A.!, free food at tea and snack, and beating Pomona-Pitzer at… anything. It’s also about having the experience that’s necessary. I’ve learned a lot through my work with ASCMC the past three years. As Senate Clerk, I’ve found that we need to improve our 5C relations to improve our social activities. As Executive Secretary, I learned the ins and outs of the Budget Committee. And as Junior Class President, I’ve been lucky enough to help bring my class together, as well as plan this year’s Monte Carlo.I have great relationships with DOS, the Ath, and the other 5C student governments, and have had a well-rounded experience in ASCMC. As a result, I know of necessary changes and the possible solutions. ASCMC should have office hours and ways to keep everyone actively involved. We should have an on campus 24-hour kitchen. We should have a big artist, not like Ludacris or Lupe, come to campus. We should bring Madrigals back. We should have more parking in Bauer. I want to do a lot next year, and you can help make that possible. So, CMCers, put on your “Wearing it since 1946” sunglasses and head to the polls on Wednesday, and vote for Tammy Phan. Vote for what you love, and what you could love, about CMC.


Andrew Cosentino, CMC '11
Three years goes by quickly at CMC, but it has been a good time to me so far. I’m a two sport varsity athlete, and this past year was able to get involved with the student government as the Social Activities Chair. I’m running for ASCMC Vice President because I feel that I can implement meaningful changes within the student government that will increase efficiency and enhance different aspects of student life.Over the past year as Social Activities Chair I’ve been responsible for the planning and management of many of our campus’s weekly social events. Learning how the student body functions and getting the most out of my budget became crucial. I tried new things and sometimes they didn’t work out, but I came away with knowing how to do it better in the future.Moving forward I think that it is important to change a couple of things within ASCMC. It is important that we hold more surveys throughout the year. These short surveys take up almost no time and provide such valuable information. Insights gained will hopefully help ASCMC allocate money more efficiently across the student body.Although this year’s board made important steps, there is still much more that can be done to promote transparency. Things like survey results, budgets for events and what happens at executive board meetings should all be on the ASCMC website. In addition, I think that more can be done to work with the other colleges. While SAC, I helped coordinate biweekly meetings with my counterparts at the other 5Cs, and I think that these meetings were helpful to a degree. However, it became very apparent that our student governments were structured in very different ways, and that closer cooperation on several levels is needed to achieve our goals.Thanks everyone and I hope you all vote Cosentino for Vice President.

Harrison (Will) Kahn, CMC '12
My name is Will Kahn, and I want to be your ASCMC Vice President. Having served on ASCMC’s executive board for the past two years as Freshman and Sophomore Class President, I have the experience for the job. I know how ASCMC works behind the scenes and I know how we can improve it.I’ve planned many successful events on and off campus including Super Bowl Parties and trips to Knott’s Scary Farm. At the same I recognize that many of the best events are the ones originated by you, the students. One of the top events of the year has been “Sophowars,” an ongoing sophomore class color war, which was planned by members of the class of 2012 and funded by ASCMC. Because the event was student organized and student driven, enthusiasm and turnout were high. One thing ASCMC could do better is broaden student involvement and input for events. In short, you’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the money. A fellow sophomore came to me when he wanted to show his school spirit by making “Puck Fomona” tanks, and I advanced him the ASCMC funds to make it happen. This kind of two-way relationship is something ASCMC should foster. It’s not enough for ASCMC simply to plan performances and events alone. Our student organization must include the whole campus in the discussion to take full advantage of every student’s ideas. As a junior next year, I will be in the middle of my time at CMC with both the experience and the enthusiasm this job requires. I want the job, I want your vote, and I promise a full year of hard work for you and with you.Will Kahn for ASCMC Vice President.

Chris Jones, CMC '11
Dear Friends,My name is Chris Jones, and I am running for ASCMC Vice President.I have been ASCMC CFO for the past year, and while I have not been the one throwing all the parties, I have been taking care of business that is imperative to ASCMC functioning properly. Before my tenure as CFO, the organization’s financial practices were chaotic and dangerous. Things like the bank reconciliation process were done haphazardly, and left us in a financially dangerous position. I corrected this. Now we can put full reliance in our financial data, and not risk grave repercussions down the line. I have also helped streamlined the check request process, so that you get your money reimbursed quicker than ever before.Finally, in being the CFO, I know the intricacies of ASCMC’s finances and bylaws like the back of my hand. Seeing every transaction that goes through the organization has given me the greatest understanding possible of what we do, and what we can do better. This means that if there is ever a project that needs to get done, or a problem to be solved, I have the knowledge and focus to do it.I have never been the face of the organization, or the person running huge parties. I do not have incredible T-Shirt making abilities. What I do bring to the table is unparalleled knowledge and experience with the intricacies of ASCMC, along with a penchant for hard work and dedication. As Vice President, this experience would give me the ability to make ASCMC run smoother than it has ever run before, thus allowing more club events, more trips, bigger parties, better concerts, more give-aways, and better student life at CMC.Warmest Regards, Chris Jones

Editor's Note: Because the ASCMC Constitution forbids candidates from online campaigning and the authors of comments cannot be exactly identified, we have disallowed commenting on this and all other election-related posts.

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