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Buy your Books, Fund a Party

August 3, 2010

The Forum
Buy your Books, Fund a Party

Like the sound of that? With just a few easy steps, you can save money on books (ie. not getting ripped off by Huntley) AND help ASCMC fund all those wonderful events and concerts.

1. Go to your student portal.

2. Log in at the upper left using your email handle (mine is cpeaslee11) and password.

3. Within the student schedule box, open up one of your classes in a new tab.

4. In the new class tabs, click on the "Click here for textbook information." This will open up a new page with a list of the required textbooks for your class.

5. Now visit Amazon or Ebay using these links (or through the links on the bottom of the Forum homepage) to buy your books (or anything else). 8-9% of your purchase will go towards improving services from your student government.

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