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An Oasis in the Inland Empire

April 12, 2010

Cameron Hanson and Gloria Chang
An Oasis in the Inland Empire

In this installment of Behind Closed Dorms, we highlight some student rooms with an aura of calm, an incredibly important trait with the barrage of thesis/projects/finals coming up!

Painter's Paradise

At first glance, one might be a little intimidated by Grady Wieger ('10)'s Stark single. Clean and pristine-- almost unreal for a college dorm-- it looks like it came out of a Pottery Barn Teen catalog. Cool colors of sky blue and seafoam green are punctuated by the bold blue carpet and bowl chair. Ask him about his paintings and he'll be happy to tell you. "I have always enjoyed creating art and have sketched for a long time. Painting, however, is a more recent interest of mine - I would say I have only been painting for the past 3 or 4 years. It has become my new passion. Painting is a way that I challenge myself, and it also acts as my main creative outlet, allowing me to clear my head and de-stress."

His own paintings are highlighted by the self-installed spotlights and hint at an organic inspiration. "I'm not a huge fan of the overhead florescent lights that we have in the dorm rooms, so I installed the two wall lights as my main source of lighting. These lights, along with my floor lamp, set a more relaxed mood that helps me wind-down in the evenings. I wanted my room to be comfortable, a kind of peaceful retreat for myself and anyone who visits. There's a calming quality about the colors and softness of the room. I always know that  after a busy day of classes and other obligations I'll be going back to my room for some much-needed R&R."

Ethnic Ambiance

The off-campus room of Aisha Shaikh ('10) and Madison Gonzalez ('10) has a relaxed feel thanks to the complementary blue and indigo walls. The vibrant bed certainly catches one's attention. Its colorful pattern and and its close proximity to the floor adds to the room's laid back feel. The lack of furniture also contributes to the ethnic ambiance, and the spread of books adds an understated intellectual flair to the décor. As an on-campus dormer, you might not be able to paint your walls,but you can take a DIY step from Aisha and Madison and hang up accessories and jewelry on a sheet of color, held up by simple pushpins.

Sweet Dreams

This Auen single of Alexa Maturana-Lowe ('10) channels calmness. Her tidy upkeep and smart use of white makes this room very peaceful. With the bed as her focal point, Alexa spends many an hour watching TV and cuddling. The bed canopy, paired with the organic wicker headboard, soft down comforter, and decorative paper crown makes this bed seem fit for a hotel!

Have a cool room? Want to show it off? Any input? Don't be shy--- the semester's winding down.

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