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January 25, 2010

The Forum Home of Random, Awesome Stuff

Amazon rocks-- you can buy just about anything. More relevant to this 8:27 Procrastination post, however, are the profusion of Amazon reviews that are not serious reviews, but are actually wittily written satiric and/or comedic posts. Amazingly, while many of these facetious posts often poke fun at the product, they often drive sales. The following is a quick rundown of just a few of these Amazon reviews.

A few other classic products & reviews: Zubaz Pants, Wolf Urine Lure and Uranium Ore.

The aforementioned Amazon review memes have been around for a while, but you should stay tuned for tomorrow/next week/whenever I get around to it (this is 8:27 Procrastination, after all) when I'll cover a couple other "cool" Amazon products.

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