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Administration to Expand Housing to College Park

February 28, 2010

Wyatt MacKenzie
Administration to Expand Housing to College Park

The CMC Board of Trustees recently voted to authorize a plan to lease space for 32 students at the College Park Apartments. Although there remain what Dean Huang calls "a few lingering details that haven’t been finalized," the administration hopes to announce the program as early as next week. When the program goes into effect it will allow 32 CMC students to rent apartments, leased by CMC, at College Park.

Although the administration did not disclose many details of the program, Huang commented that, "If students prefer to rent directly from College Park, they may do so provided they sign up to live off-campus next year," suggesting that students renting from CMC will be subject to the College's rules, while those renting directly from College Park are on their own. This year, Dean of Students has created a Resident Assistant position at College Park, which serves as a further indication that CMCers living at College Park and renting from CMC will indeed governed by the Basic Rule of Conduct.

Until more details are announced, several questions remain about the impact of this plan. The price of a CMC College Park apartment compared to a dorm room or the Senior Apartments (or even to privately-managed apartments) is still unknown, and students have expressed concern, despite its small scale, about the impact of the new housing on campus life.

Expect updates (or campus-wide emails) on the matter as the story develops and more details are made available.

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