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909: fmylife has 2 be dead--amirite?

February 24, 2010

The Forum
909: fmylife has 2 be dead--amirite?

Is This is Photobomb now passé? Food Porn Daily make you too hungry? Are you tired of all the other time wasters? Thankfully, now that the Medallion Hunt is over, and Carl has given me my column back, you can check out some new, procrastination-inducing single topic blogs.


  • Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves. Rather than the absolutely adorable Zooborns and Cute Overload (Obligatory: PANDAPANDA! PANDA!!) PWWTKT highlights some of those instances when people take their adoration for their animals too far. Example Submission:  To be honest, aren't cats always miserable in the company of humans?

(Un?)Intentionally Funny

  • Passive Aggressive Notes. I really appreciate this site--after all, one of my roommates will (lovingly) post reminders in our apartment asking that we close cabinets, wipe counters, etc. Rather than the similar PostSecret, which often leaves you in a reflective state of mind, Passive Aggressive Notes will make you seriously question the sanity of others. Example Submission: A "creeper" and the "creeped upon" exchange entertaining notes.

  • Bad Menu. Highlighting poor translations, typos, and failed marketing strategies for restaurants, Bad Menu examines instances when a second pair of eyes may have been helpful before printing off 15000 of those fliers. Example Submission: You know you're famous when you're used in ads after your death --Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.

  • WTFComcast. Writing descriptions for TV programs is clearly an awesome job. This blog highlights many of the humorous and odd TV listing summaries that can be found on Comcast. Example SubmissionSee, it's somewhat amusing, no?


  • F'ing Book Deal. After a while, all these single-topic blogs can get kind of annoying, especially those that are constantly churning out books. FBD satirizes these sites by "suggesting" site ideas. Example Submission: Dinosaurs Dealing with Mortality (the source of the front page picture) and Passive-Aggressive Ransom Notes.

  • If you haven't heard of it, you don't know what you are missing. You can do anything at Be sure to have your volume on and remember: patience is a virtue.

A couple of other random ones: Autocompleteme (Odd Google Search Results),  Look at this Frakking Geekster, and Banknotes365 (compilation of bank robbery demand notes).

As always, feel free to post other blogs in the comments section.

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