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(www): Links From Last Week

March 1, 2010

The Forum
(www): Links From Last Week

Whenever 8:27 Procrastination comes across interesting links, they get filed away into a bookmark list, never seen again...until now. Some of these are brand new, some of them have been "around" for a while. Enjoy.

1. The fact that I found this next clip highly entertaining probably says a lot about my nerd status. It's a compilation of unintentional double entendre Star Trek clips (made by ST creator Gene Roddenberry) that humorously and creatively follows a typical courtship from start to finish (unfortunately, he doesn't call her back in the end):

2. Haven't you ever wanted an awesome life coach that will tell you how life really is? Enter the following clip: Life Lessons by Mister T.

Notable Quotables:

  • So please don't brag. Only fools brag. Bragging just shows you can shoot off your big mouth.  If you're great, people will know it. You don't have to tell them anything, just like I don't have to tell you. UNDERSTAND?

  • I pity the fool who makes fun of people who wear glasses, because there's nothing wrong with wearing glasses.........if you need them.

3. This next one is…interesting. Philip Toledano wrote a book about Phonesex operators and published on his website a number of photos and brief "interviews" with eight of them. While their statements are surprisingly interesting, you probably don't want to be looking at them in class. Some are oddly "philosophical":

Finally, you've probably seen these, but in case you haven't:

Hayek v Keynes Rap: Professor Keil even showed this at his recent Ath talk.

ShadyURL: make your completely innocent link look like this:

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