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Your Last Final: Year in Review, Multiple Choice (5 Pts Each)

May 14, 2009

by The Forum
Your Last Final: Year in Review, Multiple Choice (5 Pts Each)

Were you paying attention this year, or were you stuck in Ryal Lab writing your year-long art thesis?

Each question below is worth 5 points. No partial credit will be awarded, but all reasonable, defensible answers will be accepted. The bonus question is worth 10 points. The first commenter to get all the questions right will win a yet-to-be-determined prize of significant value from ASCMC. If a senior wins, they will receive five bottles of champagne at graduation this weekend. Make sure you leave your real e-mail address in the e-mail field if you want a prize.

1. Pitzer Hall was torn down to make way for...

a) The John Faranda Daycare Centre b) The Robert A. Day West Wing c) More budget cuts-- the trailer homes next to Bauer are just more cost-effective d) The $75 Million Kravis Center

2. In October, ASCMC sent out an e-mail titled "The Biggest Announcement of the Year." It was about...

a) Ward Elliott's ever-upcoming retirement party b) Senate, at 10 PM in Bauer Forum c) Tammy Phan's "baby daddy" shower d) Christopher Bridges at Bridges

3. At Mr. Stag 2009, Alex Caldwell attempted to...

a) Set up a club at CMC for registered sex offenders b) Slap an angel in the face c) Use the pickup line, "which one of you ladies is black-out?" d) Chug one gallon of milk e) All of the above

4. What department is wearing it hardest during the recession?

a) Economics b) Accounting c) Robert A. Day School d) All of the above

5. The admission rate for the class of 2013 was:

a) 20-21% b) 16-17% c) 15-16% d) Low enough that I wouldn't have had a chance in hell of getting in

6. This year, Collins began what is now referred to as...

a) The One Child Policy b) The One Cup Policy c) The Two Girls, One Cup Policy d) The One More Drink Policy

7. Which of the following will Claremont McKenna soon not have:

a) A formidable, willing army of future investment bankers and consultants b) Thursday night snack c) Champagne at graduation d) Naomi Bagdonas e) A black cat infestation all over campus f) c and d

8. Which of the following did ASCMC do this year?

a) Nothing b) Bring Ludacris to campus, then nothing c) Raise student fees, legalize heroin use in Stark Hall, then nothing d) Take your student fees, bring Ludacris, Dem Hoodstarz, and E-40 to campus, increase readership of the Forum to record levels, build the tradition of the Hub Quiz, throw over 50 raging parties, subsidize a trip for 250 students to a Dodgers game, send students around the world on academic and service trips...e) What's ASCMC? f) some of the above

9. Who is currently winning the senior superlatives poll for "Most likely to still be coming to TNC 5 years from now?" (hint: one of these is winning this one, another is winning "most likely to wear it")

a) Yohei Nakajima b) Alex Caldwell c) Ruben Gaztambide d) Brian Fuerst e) John Faranda

10. Which of the following did NOT occur this school year?

a) The administration shut down the jello wrestling TNC because jello was not mentioned in the party registration form b) The music video "That's So North Quad!" dropped on November 16th to wide enjoyment and glee c) Sophomore Chris Blees had his fourth double-double of the season in the SCIAC Championship against the weaker Pomona-Pitzer team d) The Board of Trustees voted to abolish student loans and adopt a grant-only financial aid policy, only to be followed by an "oh shit, it's a recession" and extreme budget cuts across departments e) b and d f) all of the above

11. Which of the following did occur this year?

a) The housing coordinator placed some students returning from fall study abroad programs in North Quad triples and Pomona dorms b) A human barrier of mostly Pitzer students blocked Karl Rove's limo from leaving the Athenaeum for over 30 minutes c) The Scripps flasher striked again... and again and again d) A CMC Trustee was appointed to a position in President Obama's administration, then forced to resign a few months later. e) All of the above

12. At some point during the year, Mike Malsed sent out multiple e-mails to tell students to stop...

a) Making hella copies in Poppa b) Locking hella computers c) Breaking/stealing hella staplers d) Making hella copies in Ryal and South Lab e) All of the above

13. On November 4th, ASCMC provided roughly __ bottles of champagne for the election party in McKenna Auditorium:

a) 100 b) 200 c) 300 d) 400 e) It was all gone in half an hour anyway... damn alcoholics f) f those democrats...

14. Which of the following was NOT a party at the 5Cs this academic year?

a) Foam Party b) Masquerade Party c) Tell Me When to Glow d) Eurofest 2k8 e) The Blue Party

15. The projected enrollment for 2009-2010 is roughly:

a) 1095 b) 1136 c) 1153 d) 1168

Bonus: When Bono visited CMC in Fall 2007, President Gann moderated the Q&A afterward. When a question came from a student hailing from an East Asian country, Pam paused to comment:

a) "Wait, we admit those people here?" b) "Didn't they have some kind of tidal wave over there?" c) "Oh, neat-o!" d) "Oh, cool!"

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