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Worse than Awful: The Funniest Film Fails

November 17, 2009

by The Forum
Worse than Awful: The Funniest Film Fails

The apocalypse-porn thriller 2012 was released last Friday, and despite its outlandish special effects and banal dialogue it made $225 million dollars worldwide in its opening weekend. Even though Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was offensive and devoid of any plot, audiences loved it. Clearly there is something funny about foul film--and this post "celebrates" that very awful acting. To get us started, check out this montage of terrible dialogue, acting and effects:

Notice how the second half of the clip was devoted to one movie, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon? Yeah, that movie was pretty bad. But maybe the poor performance paid off--some say that John Barrowman's "line" was what led to his starring role in

However, just as the "best" movie is highly subjective, the worst is also up for the debate. There is no clear consensus on whether this is the worst line in scriptwriting history, or whether this was the worst line. Was the Priceline Negotiator a participant in one of the worst fights on tape (admittedly poor special effects don't help its case)? Honestly though, I don't know if movie endings can get much worse than this.

Even more "mainstream celebrities" can have terrible movies. Nicolas Cage's role in the remake of The Wicker Man definitely qualifies him for that category, and Anna Nicole Smith seriously struggled in the movie Skyscraper. We all have off days, but at least when actors/directors/producers/movie studios have off days, they can provide a significant procrastination fix.

*I have absolutely zero concrete evidence for this assertion.

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