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What's on Freshmen's Minds

November 4, 2009

by Aditya Pai
What's on Freshmen's Minds

We're all new at this. We're new college students, new CMCers, a new freshmen class. And as your new representative to ASCMC, I needed your help to get a sense of what the class council should be doing, and you stepped up. We had almost 90 percent response to the class of 2013 survey! Now I'm pleased to share the results with you and the rest of CMC. This input will serve as the foundation for our discussions and planning -- it will help us make this year as amazing as possible for the class of 2013.

What's the most important thing you want to get out of your freshman year?

What would most convince you to attend an event?

What do you think should be the Freshman Class Council's main concern?

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