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What's Going On Here

March 30, 2009

by Abhi Nemani
What's Going On Here

Hi, I am the aforementioned skinny metrosexual. ...and I'm honored to have an opportunity to work for The Forum. Thanks to the great work of the staff, Ross Boomer, and Josh Siegel, this site is becoming increasingly popular and useful for CMC, and I hope we can find ways to be more of both. Here's what we've started working on:

Plans. Thanks to Josh Siegel for coming up with this idea and executing it beautifully. The Plans database should be a quick and easy way to help you transition to your next location--be it an internship in DC or a job in Seattle. We hope to engage alumni as well with this tool to help you connect with CMCers wherever you are. We're just getting started on this, so please let us know if you have any ideas on how to make it better or simpler.

Video. You'll see a Video tab up at the top, which links to a video gallery we're trying out. All videos posted in Forum articles will aggregate there, and you can submit your own favorite videos in the comments.

Directory. We want The Forum to be as entertaining as it is useful, so we've added a directory feature to make your search for late night food and the like a little easier. It may seem familiar, but I think it'll have more success (and a longer life) housed here. If things are missing, just add them, and you can even post reviews and rankings. It's like our own little Yelp--hopefully.

User Submissions. The Forum has a great and growing staff, but we strongly encourage submissions from anyone--students, faculty, alumni. You can click here to see for yourself, or just select "Submit a Post" under the "Tools" menu. It's Forum policy to publish any content that's relevant, accurate, and fair, and we're always looking for more.

Design. I get bored fairly regularly with everything (well, except this), and you've probably noticed that the Forum's design has changed dramatically and frequently over the past few weeks. I'm sorry; it's a problem--I'm seeking help. Yours, actually. Let me know what you like and what you don't like, and we'll see where we can go from here. It's a process, and a slow and bumpy one at that, so please bear with me as we try to find our place somewhere between a blog and a newspaper.

Of course, we're working on a quicker publication cycle, and we're tracking down venues for more interesting and more immediate campus stories. But those changes and (hopefully) the value of all this will only be seen in time. Till then, I'd ask for your patience, your trust, and your good humor.

Sincerely, Abhi Nemani

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