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Welcome (Back) to the Forum

September 1, 2009

by The Forum
Welcome (Back) to the Forum

It's the beginning of the year, and we're forced to answer that question presented to anyone doing anything on campus: "what is going on here?" But of course we're happy to oblige, for students new and old. So hi, hello there -- it's nice to meet you. We're the Forum. Which is odd to say, sure, since it's a website, not even a newspaper, let alone a person. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to meet you, since, well, we're here to do pretty much whatever you want:

Deliver the news you need? Check. Give you the hipster irony you want? Check. Offer the political banter you should want? Check. Do your laundry? Sorry, no.

Ok we're here for some things. Mostly, we try to be an useful tool for life at CMC -- a way for you to answer "what's going on." We'll let you know about upcoming events, alert you to pressing issues, and even clue you into what's happening outside the Claremont bubble.

This all may sound cool and impressive -- probably not -- so just in case, we should clarify one thing: all this stuff we say we do, you actually do. The Forum is built, produced, and developed by CMC students, and most importantly, its content -- from the links and tips to the posts and comments -- is completely user-driven. So get involved: send us something or comment on something else. When you stop participating, the site stops functioning, and Cara Daley gets very sad. Don't let that happen.

By the way, we're a bit proactive in that discussion too. We will be teaming up with the Ath to host two events this semester -- Debate Night and Idea Night. At the first, students will debate a campus issue, and at the second, you'll hear about interesting work happening on campus. Consider the events an opportunity to say what you have been saying online in the real world. Again, you'll be deciding on the topics and speakers, so if you're interested, stayed tuned.

Other than that, we have a few options for addicts -- those of you who can't get enough. Follow us on Twitter.  Buy and sell stuff with Yard Sale.  Check out our photostream.  Read up on CMC students studying abroad. Or do something crazy: go outside and hang out with actual people.

Yours always and forever, Abhi and Emily

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