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April 1, 2009

by The Forum

Seems like the same creative but depraved crew that wrecked first semester were at it again today... preying upon our more beastly passions, giving us the opportunity confess without the fear of penance, and bringing down the Forum along the way. For roughly 12 hours today, redirected to, and we all played the fool. What's even more amazing, though, is that we're all still alive.

If you didn't get the chance to relive one of the most brilliant/petty/ridiculous creations of our tenure at CMC, then 1) you should check out the Forum more often and/or 2) stop going to bed before midnight. But want to know what happens when you give CMCers the freedom to say whatever they want anonymously? They quote American Psycho and shout-out Cara Daley's iTunes library. Looks like we've outgrown the juiciness of the Claremont Confessions 1.0.

The first time around, back in fall 2008, we saw heartfelt confessions ("I love my boyfriend so much, but I won't say 'I love you first.'") and lists that were meant to shame ("Sluttiest girls at the 5Cs-- go!"). But with version 2.0, we kept it pretty clean. Lists were positive-- "Nicest guys at CMC" or "Best Dressed"-- in general, people were funny, tasteful, and brimming with compliments for their classmates. When the topic pushed the limits, there was even some self-moderation ("Hey guys, this isn't cool.")

What's with the new found maturity? Maybe it was the recurring accusations that Forum editors were tracking IP addresses and could tell who posted what (note: only by dorm and then by self-identifying information in the post), and thus people were too scared to share their inner thoughts. Maybe enough of us got burned the first time around and made conscious effort to treat others the way we wish to be treated. Or maybe they just didn't give it enough time to devolve.

Whatever it was, this social experiment (or joke, or both, or aren't they the same thing?) did capture attention. So much so, in fact that someone had to plea: "Take this site away, plz. Or I will not graduate."


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