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Two Upcoming Opportunities to Get Some (Culture)

April 2, 2009

by Abhi Nemani
Two Upcoming Opportunities to Get Some (Culture)

I used to hate theater--I would fall asleep, every time (even in Cirque du Soleil). Then I got a girlfriend... and everything changed. The theater became not only a "thoughtful" substitute for a movie, but also a point-winning date night. In the next 10 days, you have a few opportunities to culture yourself and plan out an impressive but inexpensive (read: free or almost) evening with your special someone. Hell, go big: grab some flowers from the Fowler garden first. Here are summaries of the events from the performing groups...

The Liar, April 2-5, Seaver Theater, Pomona A comic masterpiece by the Master of French classical tragedy in a brilliant verse translation by Ranjit Bolt. Based on a Spanish play, The Liar is a charming cream puff of illusion and reality in which the hero's inventive fantastic lies create ever-new complications. If you thought you've heard some pathetic pick up lines and dealt with incredibly awkward pursuers, wait until you see this show! It is only a little over an hour long and a wonderful comedy that will even entertain those who find theatre as a chance to catch up on some sleep. Support fellow CMCer Trevor Felch '11 and the rest of the cast of 9 at this delightful and witty tale of love and courtship in Paris on the maturity level of a middle school dance! Performances: Thurs- Sat, April 2-4 at 8 pm and Sat-Sun April 4-5 at 2 pm Tickets are $5 for students (it's a good deal!) Box office open 1 hour before the show and Monday- Friday from 11 am to 4pm More info:

Don’t Drink the Water, Dinner Theater, April 8-10, Athenaeum, CMC From the Fortnightly: "...students will perform Woody Allen’s comedy, 'Don’t Drink the Water.' In an Eastern European communist country, a family of tourists runs into the American embassy, chased closely by police who suspect them of spying. The family has taken pictures of what they thought was a cultural landmark but was actually a restricted government area! The American ambassador is gone and has left his bumbling son in charge. The son quickly turns the situation into an international crisis. Now if they ever want to return home, the family must find a way to escape the embassy without the communist police noticing. “Don’t Drink the Water” is a zany and hilarious farce with classic Woody Allen wit. The play stars Naomi Bagdonas‘09, Solon Christensen-Szalanski‘10, Daniel Feblowitz (Pomona ‘11), Cecily Keppel (HMC ‘11), Zeben Kopchat‘12, Lindsay Mandel ‘09, Max Menke (Pitzer ‘10), David Pezzola‘09, Amanda Sardis ‘09, Daniela Spencer‘12, Divya Vishwanath ‘11, Katherine Wernet ‘11, and Edward Zaki‘11. Brendan Sasso‘10 directs." Performances: Wed-Fri, April 8-10 at 6pm Meal Reservation CMC Only (free with meal card); Performance at 6:45pm open to all (free)

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