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TNC Procrastination - DAC and SAC Candidates

February 26, 2009

by The Forum
TNC Procrastination - DAC and SAC Candidates

Dormitory Affairs Chair and Social Activities Chair are in charge of TNC and Saturday night parties, respectively. The SAC also write the Party Inform. The outgoing DAC is Kylie Alsofrom. The outgoing SAC is Brian Fuerst. This year's candidates for DAC are Ben Kraus '11 and Carmen-Rosa Wishart '10. The unopposed candidate for SAC is Andrew Cosentino '11. Below are statement from the candidates.



My name is Carmen-Rosa Wishart and I'm running for the Dorm Affairs Council Chair (DAC).  I love being a student at CMC and have taken advantage of the opportunities offered here.  I'm the Phillip's dorm president and a member of the CMS dive team and I've also been a member of Senate. As a result, I'm aware of all the things needed to make for a memorable year.  I'd be a great asset to ASCMC because I love working with others and am open to any suggestions.  I have a lot of experience that has taught me the organizational and social skills needed to be a strong leader.  I have many ideas for TNC and other school events so that everyone can benefit from an amazing college experience.  It would be an honor to serve as your DAC and I hope that you'll consider me for this position.  Thank you.


My name is Ben Kraus. I am a sophomore running for Dorm Affairs Council Chair. I really want everyone to have a fun year, and I think I can help make that happen. I was dorm President of Green, where I planned several TNCs, and have helped past and present SACs and DACs plan events. I have experienced what works and what does not work, and I have confidence that the Dorm Affairs Council and I will accomplish a lot if I am elected. I promise to be fully committed and make next year as good as it can be. Come out on March 2nd, and make the right choice.



My name is Andrew Cosentino and I'd like to be your Social Affairs Council Chair for the 2009-2010 term. I've been active in the CMC community planning activities and working closely with dorm presidents and past SACC's.  Throughout my time here it has become apparent as to what is needed for the position and believe that I can fulfill all the duties required of me.  It has been my pleasure to throw some very successful parties during my time at CMC, but I encourage input from students throughout the year in order to keep events fresh and exciting.  I hope that together we all can make next term the best you'll have at CMC.

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