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The Rivalry

May 10, 2009

by Abhi Nemani
The Rivalry

We need to be better neighbors, apparently. From ASCMC's Student Body Survey earlier this year, there was wide consensus that we should work to improve relations with the other 5Cs. But why are relations strained? The Claremont Port Side was curious and asked. They surveyed 50 students from each college and recently published their findings on "The Rivalry." They find a wide consensus too: 93 percent of students at the two colleges believe there is a real and present rivalry. But beneath that agreement, there are serious and surprising differences. A full report written by Michael Wilner, along with new articles for the May issue, is available at the Claremont Port Side. Some of the data caught my eye so I decided to summarize and visualize it here.

"Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity" Or not... The data suggests that while most CMCers think the caliber of education at the two colleges is equal, most Pomona students do not: 78 percent think that the two colleges are unequal. When asked to rate the caliber of education, on average, students from both colleges rated their home school higher, but Pomona students consider the difference to be greater. Seen differently, a majority of CMCers rated both colleges at 9; the majority of Pomona students put Pomona academics at 9 and CMC’s at 7.

Is It All Fun and Games? Yes and no. As Wilner writes, "Three out of four CMC students say the rivalry is constructive; 72 percent of Pomona students say the rivalry is destructive." It seems CMC and Pomona disagree over a basic question: can rivals be friends? (To me, the results seem thoroughly appropriate--we love a little friendly competition.)

How Green Is the Grass on the Other Side Respondents were asked which college they think produced the happiest environments. As expected, each student body thought their respective campuses produced happier environments than their rivals. More interesting--and in my opinion, more heartening--was the unanimity from CMCers. To be clear, every CMCer thought that CMC produces a happier environment. And I guess we've made some Pomona students jealous. 16% of Pomona students agree that CMC is the happier place.

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