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The Hub! Loves it!

September 22, 2009

by Wyatt MacKenzie
The Hub! Loves it!

Remember last year when I wrote about how great the Hub is? No, of course you don't-- because nobody read my damn article.  Well this time you're gonna read it and you're gonna like it.  Hub food is better than Collins food.  Eating on a couch is better than eating at a table.  Eating one serving is better for your ass than eating 17 servings.  Why would anybody eat at a cafeteria when the Hub exists?! All this is true, you say? Why do I need to write it again you say? Is it because I have a posting quota you say? No!

The Hub just got EVEN BETTER!

Remember how you could use meal replacements at the Hub to get one arbitrarily chosen (and possibly nachos) option a day?  Ya, it was a little dumb that subs were free one day and six dollars the next.  But no more!  Now every day features seven choices:

  1. Any sub and a soda

  2. Any burger, fries, and a soda (bacon is extra)

  3. Chicken tenders and a soda

  4. Cheese quesadilla and a soda

  5. Chicken quesadilla and a soda

  6. Caesar salad and a soda

  7. Panini or wrap or salad of the day

Plus you can swap your soda for a coffee-like drink!

My editor thinks this article would have more pizazz if I ended it on a witty note.  I think that if I squeezed one more drop of pizazz into it, the article would burst in your face like an overfull water-balloon.  Luckily for you I decided not to risk it.  The reader comes first!

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