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The Cavs' Competition in the West

May 13, 2009

by Edward Schooler
The Cavs' Competition in the West

It seems that the Cleveland Cavaliers are destined to win an NBA Finals Championship.  With the combination of the team amassing a 39-2 home record and Lebron James winning the MVP, nothing may be able to stand in the way of the Cavaliers.  Not even Boston. Peter Schock, Claremont Class of 2012 and a Boston Sports aficionado stated, “We [The Boston Celtics] would be lucky to win two against Lebron and the Cavs, it just doesn’t seem like anything can stop them.” Except maybe the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers displayed their potential in game 5 against the Rockets. Granted the Houston Rockets were without their 7’6 Center Yao Ming--and when they had him, they went 5-0 overall against the Lakers--in game 5, the Lakers exemplified passion, teamwork, and exceptional zone defense. The Rockets struggled to bring the ball up the court, menanced by the Lakers defense, which snatched up 12 steals.  Their stonewall D was also complimented by their exceptional offense.  Six of their players scored in double figures including a combined 72 points from the Lakers starters.

If the Lakers play like they did in game 5 against the Rockets, they could provide a substantial challenge against King James and the Cavaliers. In the 08-09 regular season, the Lakers went 2-0 against the Cavaliers with sizable margins of 101-91 and 105-88.  If the Lakers stay injury free and continue to work as a cohesive team, Lebron better start getting chalked up and ready to play.


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