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The Campus Epicurean: March 2 - 8

March 1, 2009

by Will Broer
The Campus Epicurean: March 2 - 8

Welcome to another edition of the Campus Epicurean!  This week we have a featured dining hall recipe and our weekly dining hall menu roundup. Recipe: Reformist Salad

Most people approach the salad bar with good and healthy intentions.  Campus diners heap hearty helpings of spinach and spring greens mix onto their plates, thereby satisfying ingrained maternal commands to eat green leafy vegetables.  Unfortunately, as we progress farther and farther down the salad bar, our salads become less and less healthy.  Spinach disappears under cheese, eggs, and Ranch or Thousand Island dressing.  While these extra ingredients won't kill you, they also tend to detract from the overall healthiness of the salad.  The Campus Epicurean set out to solve this problem and came up with this:

Step 1: Obtain a plate and pile some mixed greens or spinach onto it.

Step 2: Add canned and fresh fruit, for instance: fresh cantaloupe and canned peaches or pears.

Step 3: Add craisins and walnuts.

Step 4: Use yogurt as your salad dressing.  Flavored yogurt tastes best, but plain yogurt will also work.

Step 5: Toss and enjoy.

This recipe may seem a little wacky, but keep an open mind and you will find it quite tasty.  Following this recipe conveniently combines helpings of fruit and vegetables into one dish.  This recipe was devised at Frary and works well with the salad bar there.  Diners at other dining halls may have varying results.

Now on to this week's menus:


Head to Frary this Monday for Individual Pizza's and, while you're there, try the salad recipe above.  If you do go to Frary, consider getting desert.  Frary has been featuring very good ice cream choices for the past week.


On Tuesday stay at CMC and patronize our very own Collins dining hall.  Collins is offering Philly Cheese Steaks and Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry Crepes. As an added bonus Collins also has French Onion Soup. Last time they served this soup they had cheese and croutons to go with it.  While you will most certainly find better French Onion Soup in a decent restaurant, Collins version is very good for a dining hall.


This Wednesday, in addition to serving the best sushi on the 5-C's, Collins is also serving Quesadilla's, the perennial grill favorite.  So even if you are allergic to seafood, there's good reason to eat at Collins on Wednesday.

Mudd also has a good lineup this Wednesday featuring Philly Steak Loafer Sandwiches, a Gourmet Burger Bar, French Onion Soup, and its normal Muddgolian BBQ. Mozzarella cheese and croutons are available at the Mudd salad bar for the French Onion Soup.


This Thursday is the day to head up to the lovely land of Scripps College.  The weather is warming up, the fruit trees are beginning to bloom and Scripps dining hall has its Bread Bowl "Souper" Day with Thai Shrimp & Coconut Soup and Herbed Carrot Soup. If you're not in a soupy mood, try the Italian Melt or Turkey Bacon Club Wrap.



riday is Mudd's day to shine.  Finish the grueling ten minute walk up to Mudd and enjoy Individual Pizzas Made to Order, a Wing Bar, a Carne Asada Taco Bar, and Clam Chowder.


Scripps draws the crowds on Saturday for good reason.  This Saturday it features Grilled Steaks and, if you don't want to wait in the line for steak, Cheese Tortellini at the Exhibition.

If you hate crowds, check out Frary on Saturday.  Frary is usually offering some sort of alternative steak, often a flank steak or beef shortribs.


Every week all the dining halls shut down to watch Pitzer and Mudd compete for your ID card swipe.  While you can't find a decent meal at 3 out of the 5-C's on Sunday, Mudd offers Steaks cooked to orderPitzer does not cook steaks to order, but does have much shorter lines.  Incidentally, according to the word on the street, many Mudders flee the lines of CMCers at Mudd and eat at Pitzer on Sundays.

That's all for this week.  Thank you for reading!

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