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The Campus Epicurean: February 9 -15

February 8, 2009

by Will Broer
The Campus Epicurean: February 9 -15

Every group of friends has their own dining dynamic. Some people love Collins, others hate it. Some people think Scripps is convenient, others will complain about how far it is. Some people are even willing to walk all the way down to Frank, while others don’t even know where Frank is (it’s behind Oldenborg on Pomona’s campus, if you were wondering). While everybody has their own favorite dining halls, these choices often have little to do with what food is being served where on a given night. Here is a look at the highlights of the week’s dining menus so you can make informed choices about your dinner.


Everybody hates Mondays, so get your support group together at the Scripps dining hall for dinner. Monday night Scripps is featuring Beef Fajitas at the Exhibition Station. Don’t eat beef? Scripps has great Grilled Chicken at its Grill Station. If all else fails, make a great sandwich with high quality bread and a plentiful array of spreads (including Guacamole!) from the Scripps sandwich bar.


Tuesday night looks like a great night for the gastronomically inclined. Collins and Frary both have excellent meals planned to compete for your ID card swipe.

Collins looks to be the best of the bunch. The Expo will be offering “Crepe Expectations – Pumpkin and Apple”. Everybody loves crepes and most are willing to forgive a bad pun to get them. Collins is also offering Philly Cheese Steaks at the grill, which are usually enough to warrant a trip to Collins on their own. While offering two palatable options is usually considered to be a good night’s work for a campus dining hall, it seems that Collins is pulling out all the stops on Tuesday night. If you don’t like either crepes or Philly Cheese Steaks, you can get a Buffalo Chicken Wrap from the Options line.

If you can’t take all of that good food or don’t want to go to Collins, Frary has its Burrito Night on Tuesdays. You can order burritos and quesadillas from the Frary Grill. However, be forewarned, if Frary is crowded (as it usually is) on Tuesdays, there might be a long wait for your burrito or quesadilla.


No need to walk very far tonight because it’s Collins Sushi night! Collins is giving Kinya, Kazama Sushi, and Sushi Cruise a run for their money this year by serving superb sushi every Wednesday night at the Expo. Pair it with Collin’s subtly spiced fries for a truly global meal.


On Thursday head to Collins again for “Taste of Europe- Chicken Ravioli w/Saffron Sauce” at the Expo line. While imported European ravioli would be hard to justify considering Bon Appetit’s “Eat Local” focus, the local substitute will still probably be better than the mediocre offerings from the other dining halls on Thursday night. Collins is also serving a delectable sounding Mango & Spinach Salad.

If you really like Bread Bowls, Scripps has them tonight with Creamy Leek & Potato Soup, Corn & Bacon Chowder, Six Bean Soup and Beef & Rice Soup.


The end of the week deserves a special dinner to celebrate. Celebrate your way by making your very own Individual Pizza at Mudd’s Oven station. The pizzas sometimes take quite a while to cook, so try some of the Carne Asada Tacos while you wait.

If you are not afraid of lines, you can head to Scripps for their Sushi night. While Scripps sushi is nowhere near as good as Collins sushi, if you are desperate for sushi, it can do the trick.


While everybody and their mother knows that Saturday night is Steak Night at Scripps, few know that Frary also has Steak on Saturdays (warning – Frary does not have their menus posted so this could have changed) Skip the Scripps crowds by heading to Frary.

If you missed Sushi night at Scripps last night, you can still satisfy your sushi craving by going to Mudd. The people who run Mudd sushi night are the same that run the sushi night at Scripps.


Sunday is traditionally the day that all the dining halls seem to take the day off. You can settle for World Wok at Collins, or you can walk up to Scripps where they are serving Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce at the Exhibition Station.


Recipe of the Week: Cheese Fries

You usually find Cheese Fries in the appetizer section of pubs and bar menus. Few people seem to know that with very little effort you can make your own Cheese Fries in the dining halls. Cheese fries are easiest to make at the dining halls that offer French Fries, grated cheese and a microwave every day, such as Frary. The steps are quite simple:

1. Obtain a plate of fries

2. Find grated cheese (usually available at the salad bar), cheese slices will do in a pinch

3. Scatter the grated cheese onto the fries

4. Microwave for about 45 seconds

For a truly decadent dish, make these when there is a nacho or baked potato bar at Frary and add Sour Cream, diced tomatoes and scallions. It will look just like a restaurant appetizer!

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