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The ASCMC Morning Report

February 15, 2009

by Tammy Phan
The ASCMC Morning Report

To do list: Buy an umbrella, study for midterms(!), consider deactivating Facebook in order to study for midterms, realize that it's silly to deactivate Facebook right now and that only in the most severe cases (thesis) should it be done, read the updates from last night's ASCMC Exec. Board meeting...

1. Interested in running for a position in ASCMC? There will be a mandatory info session this Wednesday at 5 PM* for all candidates. If you can't make it to the meeting, make sure to reply to the e-mail Erik Hansell, ASCMC President, sent out last night ASAP.

2. The yearbook staff requested, and received, $150 from ASCMC's General Budget. It should be awesome since they're supposed to be delivered this year before Commencement. You can even relive the good ol' glory days of high school by having your friends sign it. (Just avoid the cliche, "Never change! And HABAS!")

3. Masquerade. Ball. Go to Michael's Crafts stores or take a pair of scissors to a Jabbawockeez mask, whatever it takes, get 'em ready. This will be epic. (Check the e-mail from Kylie Alsofrom for more info.)

*The original post stated that the meeting is at 8 PM... It's definitely at 5 PM.

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