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The ASCMC Morning Report

February 9, 2009

by Tammy Phan
The ASCMC Morning Report

Soooo... It's going to rain on and off for at least the next 10 days. But wait! There's good news, too!

1. The Hub Quiz will be back before you know it. Juniors freshly back from abroad/DC should definitely check it out. There's free food, the chance to show off your knowledge in everything from pop culture to history to sports (fact: Cardinals > Steelers), and the  promise that some really great prizes will be given away.

2. No plans for Valentine's Day? No big deal if you're a sophomore. The class of 2011 will be taking a trip to watch an Ontario Reign Division II minor league hockey game. Roses on Valentine's Day: $100. Watching grown men fight it out on an ice rink: priceless.

3. The Forum has awesome new writers and even more amazing articles. Read the articles, well, here. (Did you know Scripps tea was so delish AND open to the 5Cs?)

4. Remember: To guarantee that you get your money back, any check requests made by dorms/clubs/trips, etc. should be turned in to the appropriate Board member (either their personal Story House mailboxes or to Heggblade/DOS) within 2 weeks of the event. To help make things easier, be sure to put the date of the request on the form somewhere, as well.

(The ASCMC Executive Board met twice in the last three weeks. These updates are from both meetings.)

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