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The 5C Music Festival

September 23, 2009

by The Forum
The 5C Music Festival

Dear CMC, On October 24, thousands of students from all 5Cs will converge on Parents Field.

In an event unprecedented at the Claremont Colleges, our consortium where each college has its own culture, traditions and events, the student governments from all five are coming together to bring to you one historic event, The 5C Music Festival featuring The Cool Kids. There will be a massive outdoor BBQ, a lineup of student bands from the 5Cs, and a headliner bound to make you want "a little bit of gold and a pager."

The 5C student governments are combining their efforts to accomplish something massive, incredible, and beautiful and to remind all of the campuses that we are capable of working together and having a great time. Look forward to a day filled with good food, music, and people.

Do yourselves the favor of getting ready for the big event by making The Cool Kids lyrics second nature, because this event is going to be insane. So will the after-party. When the concert is over, our friends at Scripps open up one of their biggest parties of the year, EuroTrash, to all 5C students.

If you are a 5C student or band looking to showcase your musical talents, please e-mail to register to audition for a slot at the festival.

There's a lot to look forward to, so get excited... now.

Love, Isayas Theodros ASCMC President

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