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Senior Superlatives 2009

May 19, 2009

by The Forum
Senior Superlatives 2009

Awards Night is great and all, but ASCMC has the prizes seniors really want (e.g. Most Likely to become Pam Gann, Top Bromance, and the like). The seniors have voted, and the results are in. Enjoy.

Most Likely To…

  • Become John Faranda? Skipp Stillwell and Jack Evert (tie)

  • Become President of the United States? Erik Hansell

  • Be His/Her Chief of Staff? Nick Warshaw

  • Become Pamela Gann? Naomi Bagdonas

  • Become President of Scripps? Anna Beninger

  • Become Ward Elliott? Nathan Barrymore

  • Give Up Six Figures and 100hr Weeks to Teach CMCers How to Net Six Figures and 100hr Weeks? Chris Brigham

  • Jump on Oprah's Couch? Max Davison

  • Add Their Initial to KKR? Scott Arnold

  • Run a Ponzi Scheme? Scott Arnold (Runner-up: David Pezzola)

  • Be a Topic on Starr Plummer

  • "Retire from Life" and Become a Yogi in Varanasi, India? Nathan Barrymore (Runners-up: Kylie Alsofrom and Alison Ryan)

  • Begin a Start-up Company that Sells Hemp-based Ping Pong Balls to Play Beer "Save the Planet" Pong? Yohei Nakajima (Runner-up: Max Wilson)

  • Have their own workout video? Selene Isaacson

  • Survive on Man vs. Wild? Andrew Stocker (Runner-up: Ryan Toohey)

  • Have a CMC Building Named After Him/Her? Scott Arnold (Runner-up: Chris Brigham)

  • Still be coming to TNC 5 years from now? Yohei Nakajima (Runners-up: Alex Caldwell, Ruben Gaztambide)

  • Wear it? Brian Fuerst (Runner-up: Logan Brown)

Top Seniors…

  • Most Friendly/Nicest? Kira Tamashiro

  • Female Heart Throb? Rebecca Pedroza and Jocelyn Woolsey (tie)

  • Male Heart Throb? John Sloat (Runner-up: Zachary Mallove)

  • Renaissance Man? Peter McGah (Runner-up: Erik Hansell)

  • Renaissance Woman? Naomi Bagdonas (Runner-up: Jordan Stewart)

  • Best Party Theme Dresser? Erika Weingart (Runner-up: Courtney Cronin)

  • Best Dressed at TNC? Katie Hunckler

  • Best Dressed the Next Morning? Katie Hunckler and Lanier Zimmer (tie)

  • Best Person to Share A Deserted Island with? Charlie McMahon

  • Person Most Likely to End up on that Island? Yohei Nakajima (Runners-up: Olivia Bevacqua and Brian Fuerst)

  • Senior girl I wish I knew better? Jocelyn Woolsey and Naomi Bagdonas

  • Senior guy I wish I knew better? Nathan Barrymore (Runner-up: Greg Hall)

Best Pairs…

  • Romance? Ryan Larsen and Jillian Larsen

  • Bromance? Zach Mallove and Nick Regas (Runners up: Alex Dunn and Ben Fawkes, Logan Brown and Skipp Stillwell)

  • Homance (Female Bromance)? Jocelyn Woolsey and Courtney Cronin

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