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Saturday Procrastination - Class President Candidates

February 28, 2009

by The Forum
Saturday Procrastination - Class President Candidates

Here are the profiles for Class President nominations. Class presidents plan activities for their class and sit on the Board of Directors. Notably, Junior Class President plans Monte Carlo and Senior Class President is President for Life. Current Presidents are Naomi Bagdonas '09, William Robelo-Lara '10, Eric Scott '11, and Will Kahn '12.



Hey 2010,

In the past, senior class presidents have gotten us a Mickey Avalon concert (BDirrty OSeven anyone?) and a yacht for the Hundred Days party (which they were promptly thrown off of). As YOUR senior class president, I promise that we can top that.

Mad skillz needed to plan ridiculous events? Organization and creativity. If you've seen my Google Spreadsheets (color coding like whoa) or heard my paper-writing music (a classical interpretation of the Jimi Hendrix experience), you know I've mastered both.

With an enormous budget from ASCMC, the possibilities are endless. Let me plan outrageous, amazing, stupendous events for our senior year-elect me as our class president!




As Junior Class President, I have had the pleasure to serve the Class of 2010. Next year, our class will finally be reunited after everyone comes back from studying abroad. I want to make our last year at CMC special. So, what makes our senior year special? All of the events that the senior class looks forward to: The Welcome Back Seniors Party, 200 Days and 100 Days Party, Vegas trips, and of course, Commencement. These events shape our senior year and I want them to be memorable. Last year I brought Hollywood to CMC at Monte Carlo. For our senior year, I want to take the Class of 2010 to Hollywood 100 days before our graduation. Some of our classmates are thinking about how they are going to make a mark on CMC. My goal is to make sure that CMC leaves a mark on the Class of 2010.



When I think of CMC, I think of the classes, the weather, but most importantly, I think of us, the class of 2011. Next year, I want to make sure that the people who stay here have the best time of their lives and that the people abroad can't wait to come back. I've spent a year on Senate and a year on the ASCMC Executive Board, and as 2011 president, I want to, and if elected, will, throw an epic homecoming, host parties for raging it and sober events, too, and SO much more. Now...

I Love College, the Tammy Phan for Class of 2011 President remix: (To the beat of Asher Roth at 18 seconds.)

Monte Carlo last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it I danced my ass off then had the dealer completely shaken Drink your juice and vote for me The sophomore class is all I need Go abroad or stay in C-mont Either way, I'm the prez you want




By Miles Bird

Here I am on the World Wide Web,

Baring my 13 year-old physique to thee,

I stand among other 2012 Presidential Candidates,

Only 5 foot 3.

"Why should I vote for Miles?" One might ask,

"You're dirty, fat, and look like you're from a third world country."

Well I'll tell you why, I'd say,

‘Cause it takes balls to put a picture up,

That might scare away all female company.

So vote for Miles, 2012...


As the incumbent vying for this position, I, simply put, know how the system works. I know what to do to get a party organized, I know how to get your money reimbursed from the school, and, most importantly, I know how to get you guys what you want. My one regret with my first term was that it was so short. First semester I put our resources into fundraising and this semester I have tried to organize events for our class. Unfortunately, my short term has not allowed me enough time to put all my plans into action. Re-elect me and I will continue to plan events for you, I will continue to buy class memorabilia for you, and I will continue to fight for you and what you want. Re-elect Kahn.

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