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Relive Mr. Stag 2009

May 26, 2009

by The Forum
Relive Mr. Stag 2009

...if you think you can handle it. Enjoy nearing two hours of milk chugging, salsa dancing, and angel punching. The video is split into five sections, all embedded below for your guilt-free summer enjoyment. Props to Josh Siegel '10 for uploading the video and to Kenley Turville '10 for putting together a great event, and of course, be sure to thank the contestants, hosts, and judges for so willingly and successfully humiliating themselves for our entertainment. As always, it's appreciated.

Part I: Intro dance, pick-up lines, and meet the contestants.

Part II: Meet the contestants Q & A

Part III: Nick Wright and freshmen dance; Alex Caldwell chugs a gallon of milk; Kenley cleans it up; Naomi meets Mateo the Prospie ('13); Charlie McMahon tells us of the time he slapped an angel in the face.

Part IV: Joe S. & Erika Del Campo salsa dance; Moose Halpern & Aleksis Psychas put on a romantic duet; and other assorted numbers.

Part V: Brad Walters sings the song that made him Mr. Stag 2008, and the winner is announced.

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