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Recession Runway: Men's Edition

May 18, 2009

by Madison Shimoda
Recession Runway: Men's Edition

Just because you're a man doesn't mean you can wear a boring black suit to everything. Men, here's your chance to walk down the Recession Runway. Check out the looks below, and to see more info or to buy any of the items, click on the images.

The Political Consultant/NGO Intern (Inspired by Michael Kors, Spring 2009) Jacket, shirt, pants, belt, and shoes… Total:$219.97 Don’t need to wear a tie? You can keep black the suit but fill the void with a checkered shirt. Add a pair of white shoes and a white belt to enhance your contrast against the other interns. You’re sure to be a showstopper on K Street.

The Consulting/Banking/Law Intern (Inspired by Trovata, Spring 2009) Jacket, shirt, pants, tie, and shoes… Total:$224.95 So maybe the recession was your bosses’ fault. Say no mea culpe and break free of the stuffy pinstripe power suits. Brighten the sure-to-be dreary office with white and keep yourself cool no matter where you are-- go with linen. Take your inspiration from CMC Alum, Trovata founder, John Whitledge, who created its first vintage-inspired collection that was quickly picked up by Barney’s New York in 2002...from our very own Senior Apartments. (Makes you wonder what you're actually getting done on Thursday nights.)

The Tech Intern (Inspired by Rag & Bone, Spring 2009) Cardigan, shirt, jeans, suspenders, and shoes… Total:$136.87 You're in SF. No check that, you're in Silicon Valley with the techies and hipsters. So when it comes to fashion, you can wear, really, whatever you like. Take advantage of your freedom--accessorize! Suspenders are an often over-looked, but sure bet, and bring a cardigan for when the air conditioning in your cubicle ("or whatever they call it... "mindspace") gets too cold.

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