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Pitzer Begins "Achieving Radical Change: Conversation with Terrorists" Speaker Series

April 7, 2009

by The Forum
Pitzer Begins "Achieving Radical Change: Conversation with Terrorists" Speaker Series

This week Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground—a group which bombed the Pentagon, US Capital, and 23 other sites—spoke at Pitzer College. Ayers was on campus to launch Pitzer’s Achieving Radical Change: Conversation with ‘Terrorist’ leaders speaker series. “It was totally great to have him here” said Charlie Sands, a Pitzer senior. “It’s so clear that we need radical change. We need to break our paradigm. The oil companies, and the WTO just run this world, man, and it’s not right.”

Ayers was only the first speaker. Future speakers will include:

  • Timothy McVeigh - The Oklahoma City bomber will deliver an address entitled, "The Power of Knowledge: How chemistry changed my life, and how it can be the change we need."

  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - The architect of 9/11 will lecture on "Effective Community Organizing: How can you improve communications with your target audience?"

  • Osama Bin Laden - The world’s most notorious activist for change and movement leader will deliver the keynote address of the series," Fighting for Social Justice: How will you remake the world we live in?"

Pitzer College initially had trouble financing the series. “Certain people were reluctant to fund this project” said visiting professor Bobby Seale. “We went to KLI (the Kravis Leadership Institute) and they said ‘are you f***ing kidding?’ but I wasn’t deterred. I know Pitzer students deserve the break out of the prisms of ‘rational thought’ that the other 4Cs try to impose...”

Senior Administration officials at other colleges were unavailable for comment, though several CMC Government professors were overheard plotting to purchase firearms. Said one anonymous CMC professor “Times are tough, and there’s a $25 million bounty on Bin Laden.”

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