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Pitney Calls Bullshit During Congress Simulation

April 2, 2009

by The Forum
Pitney Calls Bullshit During Congress Simulation

This just in from The Claremont Beat:

The Simulation is not over. I strongly encourage the Administration to stop hiding the President. This is bullshit. I strongly suggest the Administration produce the President and you all start behaving like grown-ups. -Professor Jack Pitney, the Simulation God

From what we can gather, students attempted to end the session early because of a missing President from Pitzer.  The Forum will follow-up on this later once participants are available to shed more light on the situation (ie, aren't busy doing the simulation). We wouldn't want their grades to drop because they were too busy gchatting with Forum writers, now would we?  For those of you scratching your heads-- the Simulation refers to a class on Congress, which has as part of its guessed it, a Congressional Simulation.  Students play the parts of real legislators, voting in character, lobbying fellow students/congresspeople in their dorm rooms.

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