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New Year's Recommendations from the Forum

December 31, 2009

by Madison Shimoda
New Year's Recommendations from the Forum

According to Goals Guy, a company that offers seminars on becoming more goal-oriented, the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions originated in ancient Rome where people believed Janus, a mythical king (who had a month named after him) had two faces that look into the past and future. Janus became the symbol for resolutions, forgiveness, and gift exchange. Ever since, people all over the western hemisphere has written resolutions in hopes of bettering themselves in 2010. Perhaps, the most famous resolutions are Bridget's "drink less...and quit smoking...and quit talking total nonsense to strangers...actually, quit talking, full stop" from Bridget Jones' Diary. To help you with your resolution writing, we asked some CMC celebs (well just some Forum writers and members of the administration) to share their hopes for the new year [editorial comments in italics]:

Abhi Nemani, Editor-in-Chief

  • I wish I had the diligence to commit to something concrete (e.g. go to the gym, respond to IMs, kick the panda habit), but frankly, I don't. What I do have is only one semester left with a lot of really great people. I resolve to remember that and to enjoy it. (And to regrow my lost hair.)

Emily Meinhardt, Managing Editor

  • To be at the Scripps or College Park pools as much as possible.  And get a job.

Nathan Bengtsson, Forum Fellow

  • Reduce my Gmail unread email number from 1,044 to a reasonable 100.  Not only will I be more organized, but I will no longer let the prospect of employers politely declining my generous offer to lend them my CMC-educated skill set cause me to live in fear of my inbox.

Kevin Burke, Forum Fellow

  • Be a better friend and stop fantasizing about banging dead people

Wyatt MacKenzie, News Editor

  • Dress less like Dior Homme [To those not familiar with Assche/Slimane’s work, that means v-neck t-shirts and slim silhouettes] and more like hmm Burberry [Conservative with a British twist].

  • Go more than a month single…oh wait I made it…three months!

  • Become an international art thief.

William Mullen, Forum Fellow

  • Spend more time with family and work on my cooking skills

Carl Peaslee, Life Editor

  • Get on a foreign reality TV show (preferably Scandinavian) and find an opportunity to shoot a gun.

Dan Evans, Forum Fellow

  • Stop being pretentious about music (unlikely at best)

  • Finish Rap-Musical about life of Jay Z

  • Learn to use the phrase "Web 2.0" without irony.

  • also, keep a straight face while beginning sentences with "So the other day I blogged about. . . "

Madison Shimoda, Forum Fellow

  • Lose ten pounds by trying the Flat Belly Diet. First, I must buy the book. I hope it doesn't require me to exercise or cut down on food intake because I LOVE eating.

  • Go to the Hunger Site everyday to click to give a free bowl of food to the less fortunate

  • Finish my novel/thesis

  • Get over my cat allergy or finally get ASCMC to buy me a hypoallergenic cat. (My freshman or sophomore year, I emailed ASCMC to ask for funding for a hypoallergenic cat. I got a one-word email back: No.)

Solon Christiansen-Szalanski, Forum Fellow

And now to the real CMC celebs:

Pamela Gann, President of Claremont McKenna College

  • May 2010 be a banner year for CMC's outstanding students, succeeding against all the challenges presented to them, given the state of the economy.

John Faranda, Vice President for Alumni and Parent Relations

  • I do have a goal for this semester of trying to eat more meals in Collins Dining Hall with CMC students...I have loaded some Claremont Cash on my ID card and "resolve" to use it dining with you and your friends.  Except for the Athenaeum, I think that Collins is the best place to get to know people, learn about what is happening on campus, and get a tasty meal!

Gregory Hess, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

  • To read more and run more. And to take Rex and Kaia (our dogs) for more walks.  My final resolution is to will Arsenal to win the premiership! [I'm a Liverpool fan but I really don’t want to see Chelsea or Man U win so I am also rooting for Arsenal after Liverpool.]

Jefferson Huang, Dean of Students, soon to be Vice President of Student Affairs

  • I'm not much of a "resolutions" person. I hope that people who do make resolutions can keep them. [The Forum suggests that Dean Huang do a naked lap around campus to show his loyalty for the school.  Alas, Madison does not endorse.]

Marc Massoud, Robert A Day Distinguished Professor of Accounting

  • To stay healthy, if I can control that.

  • To keep helping others, starting with my students. The success of my students and be able to see their achievements, in my mind, adds years to my life!!!

John Pitney, Crocker Professor of Politics

  • Do more to help graduating students find jobs in a tough economy.

Isayas Theodros, President of Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

  • To really try to find my purpose in life. Haha, I know this is going to sound way deeper than it should, but I mean it. I have recently realized that life's purpose is not all about being as successful as possible (financially, status, etc), but instead to really find what your calling is, and try to make a difference in the world.  [Hear, hear!]

Thank you, everyone who shared resolutions with us! I hope everyone else will make and keep their resolutions (feel free to share yours in the comments) and may the new year bring much happiness and good health to you and your family!

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