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New Issue of the Claremont Independent

February 15, 2009

by The Forum
New Issue of the Claremont Independent

It's online now.  Highlights: "Risky Business: Is it About CMC?" by Chase Gray.  Chase explores the possibility that the CMC alumnus who made the movie Risky Business might have

"Genetics Don't Explain History" by Tina Nguyen, a review of Henry Louis Gates Jr. talk at the Athenaeum

"Dr. Imad Moustapha: Making Excuses for Syria" by Ian Johnson, a review of Ambassador Moustapha's talk at the Athenaeum.

"Diversity Groups and Academic Performance" by Ilan Wurman


A strange, unsigned article attacking ASCMC for the Ludacris concert. Based on "anonymous sources" and rumors instead of actual reporting, there are so many inaccuracies in this article it almost warrants a quick read; the CI is usually much more reliable than this.  Just remember, if you have a question about ASCMC, all ASCMC Board meetings are open to the public on Sundays at 6 PM in the Heggblade Conference Room and most budget documents are publicly announced here or at

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