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Mr. Stag: And the winner is...

April 18, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
Mr. Stag: And the winner is...

Friday's Mr. Stag competition was undeniably CMC.  Prospies (and their parents) sat in the audience alongside CMCers and watched as Alex Caldwell chugged a gallon of milk and former Mr. Stag Brad Walters serenaded us about 6:01 (to the tune of Piano Man).  Hosts Ross Boomer and Naomi Bagdonas were gracious and funny ( just remembered Naomi's penguin joke...).  Judges Kylie Alsofrom, Ashley Green, Sam Stecker ('08 whatttt), and Charles Johnson provided spot-on analysis of the contestants and their attempts at CMC fame and glory.

MR. STAG 2009: Charlie McMahon

1ST RUNNER UP: Alex Caldwell

According to SLC Kenley Turville, a total of $300 was raised for charity.  Just which charity that money will go to is still up in the air, as negotiations among contestants still in progress.

Bravo to all participants and congratulations to the winner

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