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Motley To Charge for To-Go Cups

October 6, 2009

by Alex Nazari
Motley To Charge for To-Go Cups

The Motley Coffeehouse announced Sunday night that it will be changing its to-go cup policy in an effort to encourage sustainability on campus. Beginning  October 21, the Motley will charge an extra dollar for all drinks in Motley-provided to-go cups. Discontinuing the previous policy of discounting customers who bring in their own mugs, the coffeehouse is lowering the base price of all drinks by twenty cents. In a statement outlining the reasoning behind the change, the Motley managers defend the change, calling it an alignment with its semester goals and mission statement by “promoting environmental and socially conscious business practices.” Although the to-go cups are biodegradable, less than 5% of Motley cups are properly disposed of in composting bins. If the cups aren’t composted, they sit in landfills just like any other disposable product.

All profits generated by the to-go cup policy will go directly to the Motley sponsorship program, which gives “funding for individuals and groups to pursue their own projects.” Those that cannot afford to buy a mug of their own can apply for a small grant through the sponsorship program.

Ultimately, the Motley hopes that the extra charge will encourage customers to bring their own mugs or stay and enjoy their drinks at the coffeehouse. The plan may backfire, as not all students want to linger at the Motley or carry and wash their own coffee containers. Instead, a sizable portion of Motley customers stop by for a quick and convenient caffeine fix between classes or before heading to the library. These students may not be willing to pay the extra fee or bring their own cups, especially with the proximity of Peet’s Coffee at Pomona, Starbucks, and the newly opened café in Honnold Mudd. Service can already be slow at the Motley, and the new policy may further discourage patronage from rushed students.

The Motley will be hosting a public forum to discuss the change and receive feedback. You can also email with questions and comments.

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