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Mort Sahl Leaves Claremont

July 24, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
Mort Sahl Leaves Claremont

The Berkeley Daily Planet reports that Mort Sahl will not be returning to CMC in the fall:

The past two years, he’s taught at Claremont McKenna College, in Southern California: “Two classes: ‘The Revolutionary’s Handbook’ and ‘Screenwriting.’ They wanted screenwriting. It’s all a facade; I really talk about the same thing. I try to bring them a fresh perspective to those stones unturned about American history.” He joked about the student body “running around with an Apple under their arm and an i-Phone in their hand, not understanding they’re carrying the instruments of divisiveness.” He won’t be returning this fall. “Two years is enough. Claremont’s too isolated. I’ve had a call from the University of Chicago, another from UCLA. Time to move on, do something else.”

The comedian-turned-professor was brought in by the Gould Center to teach interdisciplinary courses, covering such topics as classic films, jazz music, JFK's assasination, and the social-political revolution of the 1960s. During his time in Claremont, Sahl was frequently spotted at Collins dining hall and Pomona's Coop Fountain. Students at his new appointments will surely benefit from Sahl's wit, observations, and life experience.

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