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January 24, 2009

by The Forum

You can see and upload your own pictures to the ASCMC photo gallery (see the box on the right side of this page).

Over 700 CMCers went to the Ludacris concert last night.  Whether you like Ludacris or not (he might not be universally popular, but who is?), everyone seems to agree-- we need to host more concerts and events like that.  Whether it's bringing in rappers, rock groups, comedians, or other performers.  We should do it.

A minor constraint is money.  But even if we don't reach our ticket sales goals, we can safely afford to throw at least four concerts a year like the one last night without the risk of significantly hurting ASCMC's budget.  Even better, if we meet our goals, we can use profits from concerts on other student activities like trips, clubs, parties, and things we normally spend student fees on.

Anyway, we're talking to some people at Pomona to see if we can pool resources ($$$) to get some more big names.  If there are 1,100 students at CMC, 1,700 at Pomona, and Bridges Auditorium seats over 3,000 people, there's no reason we can't pack it (an outdoor concert isn't really an option because we are in a residential community-- the police had to shut down the E-40 concert earlier this year).

Speak up if you want to help out or have ideas for the coming months and semesters.

More to come on this...

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