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Ludacris Concert Makes Local News

January 26, 2009

by The Forum
Ludacris Concert Makes Local News

From the Costa Contra Times, "Ludacris Rocks the House at Bridges Auditorium" by Wes Woods:

"CLAREMONT - Ludacris could do almost nothing wrong in the eyes of his fans at Bridges Auditorium on Friday night. The multimillion album seller's every move, chant and verse was cheered loudly by the more than 1,800 fans at the Claremont McKenna College.Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, featured a long horn intro and thundering bass drops of "Last of A Dying Breed" off his latest album "Theater of the Mind" on his opening song. One of his lines on the song spoke well to the audience "... hip-hop couldn't die I never offer my condolence/but I offer ya'll a day of atonement ..." while the audience roared in approval.Ludacris, who sprinkled his uncensored lyrical set with references to Claremont in lyrics and shoutouts, walked the stage back and forth constantly and slapped hands with some of the audience members..."

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