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It's Time to Buy Our Textbooks

January 11, 2009

by The Forum
It's Time to Buy Our Textbooks

Happy New Year, CMC.  Classes start on January 20th, so it's time to buy your textbooks for spring semester.  Required book lists are online and Story House has stopped forwarding mail, so you can order books to your campus address now. Buy your books through our sponsors and ASCMC will earn 8% commission on everything you buy.  ASCMC uses these funds to pay for parties, concerts, campus organizations, trips off campus, and other services for students.

  1. Go to Huntley Bookstore's website and find out what books are required for your classes. If you aren't sure what section or courses you are in, you can check at the CMC portal.

  2. Buy whatever books and other products through our or links. We get commission on any sales-- whether for new computer speakers,  used books, or fabric softener.

  3. Place your order and pick it up from Story House when you get back to campus.

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