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Interview with CMS Hoops Star Tejas Gala '09

March 5, 2009

by Gui Schils
Interview with CMS Hoops Star Tejas Gala '09

Tejas Gala is the crowd-pleasing basketballer you know and love. He’s a senior captain, studying Math-Econ with Finance. From nearby Arcadia, he lists his passions as hoops, his height at 6’6”, and his best dance move as “gettin my indian dance on”.

What is it like being 1 of 2 seniors on this year's team? Its pretty fun and different. It reminds me a lot of freshman year when we also just had 2 seniors (John Parsons and Miles Taylor).

What is your best stags bball memory? Cutting down the nets on Saturday night after beating Pomona-Pitzer.

How have you handled the switch to coming off the bench? How has your role changed? The switch to being a reserve has been fine. I understood when it happened because I wasn’t playing well, and Pat (Lacey) was. My role has changed to being an energy guy off the bench, and all I care about is winning, and since the change we've been playing better!

Why do you point to the fans? Haha, good question. I point to the fans to show my appreciation to you guys. It means a lot to me when people come out to the games. Its not Division 1 or anything special, so when friends come out I want to make sure they know I appreciate them. At home, we have a huge advantage with the crowd and I also want to make sure they're into the game.

Give three words that describe your game style:Energetic, pesky, unorthodox

Who is your favorite current stags bball athlete? This is tough... it’s gotta be Shane Davis. He’s soooo smooth.

Who is your favorite team to play against? It’s Pomona-Pitzer, but I also enjoy playing CLU because they always have a "dominant" big man that I like to shutting down.

If you had to date one current stags bball player, who would it be? Gotta be Caleb "Zeus" Davis. Too much muscle.

Favorite video game: Is that really a question? Halo

Favorite drink: Creamsickle, but for sobes it's a nice cold ice water from Collins.

Something people don't know about you: I'm a vegetarian and have once been held in a white room in an airport on suspicion of terrorist activity.

Be sure to follow tonight's game against Whitworth online here. That link leads to a video feed, live stats, and an audio cast of the game. Tipoff is at 7. Go STAGS!!

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