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Interview with a Tennis God: Robbie Erani

October 31, 2009

by Max Mullen
Interview with a Tennis God: Robbie Erani

Robbie Erani CM '12 placed third at the Division III Nationals, following his triumph at the West Region Championships four weeks ago. Erani agreed to sit down with The Forum and chat about tennis and the greater good.

The Forum: What is the secret to winning the West Region?

Robbie Erani: It's all about the luck of the draw and being mentally prepared.

The Forum: What is the deal with your lucky facial hair?

RE: A few of us on the tennis team decided that the left side of our face did not deserve facial hair, while the right side did and it seemed to treat the players who did it well.

The Forum: Best Stags tennis moment?

RE: Watching captain Larry Wang beat Conrad Olson in a third set tiebreaker to clinch the match vs. then No. 4 Middlebury last season.

The Forum: What are your goals for the spring season?

RE: Win the Division III team national championship.

The Forum: What would you say is your greatest training mechanism?

RE: Dominoes Pizza on Sunday nights.

The Forum: Why is it okay for fans to scream as a batter tries to hit a 100 mph fastball but when tennis players are in the middle of the point, fans have to be quiet?

RE: Tennis is more a mental sport than baseball, in that every shot, every play, every movement, counts toward the end result more than baseball.

The Forum: Favorite non-tennis Stag/Athena team and Athlete to cheer for?

RE: Women's Rugby and Jason Toney CM '11.

The Forum: Favorite Male Tennis Player?

RE: Janko Tipsaravic.

The Forum: Favorite Female Tennis Player?

RE: Caroline Wozniaki.

The Forum: Favorite Video Game?

RE: Ken Griffey Baseball '96 on Nintendo 64.

The Forum: Biggest Fear?

RE: Sharks, I still refuse to swim in the ocean.

The Forum: Who is your Role Model?

RE: Mike Sutton.

The Forum: If you weren't a tennis player what would you be?

RE: A bum.

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