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He's Just Not That Into You

February 15, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
He's Just Not That Into You

Sunday morning brunch at Collins:

Girl #1: "We were dancing and then he just disappeared."

Girl #2: "Maybe he had to go to the bathroom?"

Girl #1: "Yeah.  That must be it.  Because I totally thought we were about to make out."

Sure, He's Just Not That Into You is a bit of a downer, but I think we all need a healthy dose of reality   from time to time.  No better time than the day after Valentine's Day.  Shout out to all of us who were disappointed!

There are plenty of other places you can turn to for great movie reviews, so I won't attempt to write a full one here.  Instead, I've prepared a mini-review and then the real takeaways from the movie-- a message that is loooooooong overdue.


  • Has been described as "Woody Allen-lite."  You know...young beautiful people with cool jobs and great apartments who are all kind of quirky and still figuring life and relationships out....presented in a very honest way.

  • Way too long. There were these little blips of text that would come onscreen every 30 minutes or so to introduce another scenario (eg, "What to do when she won't sleep with you") and every time another one would come on, I couldn't believe I had to endure more of this b*&^s%#@.

  • Great casting is the only redeeming factor. Who doesn't love Kevin Connolly ("Eric Murphy" on Entourage) and Bradley Cooper (just your typical bro)?  There might be some attractive females as well (ScarJo anyone?).

Two takeaways:

  • Your friend is whining about some guy she met at TNC who won't return her texts.  What do you tell her?  Say it with me!-- "He's just not that into you!" As the movie seeks to portray, this is an enormous revelation for some people.   Earth-shattering.  It's possible that you're boring or lame or simply not as hot as you thought you were. Let it go.  Resist the urge to freak out.

  • The movie also reminds us, "You are the rule, not the exception." She didn't lose her phone, get in a car accident, or fall asleep.  She saw your text.  And she ignored it.  Stop thinking up special circumstances to make yourself feel better.

Take these messages to heart, CMC.  Sunday morning brunch chatter will be infinitely improved.

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