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Freshmen Take Great Pictures

September 6, 2009

by Tammy Phan
Freshmen Take Great Pictures

W.O.A.! Sex, Life and Relationships. Scripps Carnival. Dry Week. All those events took place during this year's freshman orientation, but none were quite as well documented as the 5C Freshman Photo Scavenger Hunt. Last Saturday, freshmen and new students were given clues that led them to the Jay's Place at Harvey Mudd, the Pitzer pool, the Motley at Scripps, and the Ath. Bonus points were awarded for keeping cool and pouring ice on another freshman. Congratulations to the winning team-- Andie Wheatley, Kelsey Brown, Ryan Boone, JJ Suttle, Alyssa Roberts, and Abie Katz. The clues they had to work with:

  • This 5C college is not too far to roam. Every year they host a gathering full of foam. After dancing the night away, get a famous Galileo Sub at the Place of Jay.

  • When things heat up, this place will keep you cool! So head out and take a picture at Pitzer’s pool.

  • More often full of shes than hes, this locale is known for its coffees and teas.

  • Enjoy intellectual discourse and speakers from across the world and nation, this location also hosts our annual Madrigals celebration.

  • BONUS: Pour ice on another freshman.

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