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Free Takeout is Coming!

September 30, 2009

by Wyatt MacKenzie
Free Takeout is Coming!

As you may have read on Twitter last week, Collins has been planning to introduce green plastic containers like the other cafeterias. Well, Dean Huang just dropped me an email spilling the good part.

Through a generous gift from the Bon Appetit Management Company, we will begin issuing one free container to every CMC student who is on a board plan. Distribution will be next week in Collins. The container we selected is currently in use at Pitzer College.

Free containers! We go to the best school ever! Free containers!  Incidentally, since we'll be using the same containers as Pitzer, I suspect we might be able to use them at both cafeterias (unless insidious measures are devised to stop us).  As for why Bon Appetit was so eager to give us free containers, the administration explained that Bon Appetit's greater buying power, "circle of responsibility" philosophy, and hopes of creating a prototypical green cafeteria for their marketing plans came on like a rush of generosity.

When I shared the news with students, reactions ranged from joyous to mysterious.  Elise Viebeck '10 described it as "lifechanging," while Abhi Nemani '10 warned me that "freedom isn't free."  Wade Vaughan '13 said what I actually wanted to hear: "two thumbs up!"  Share your thoughts below.

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